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Team B.A.S.H! My OC team! (3.0)
Team B.A.S.H. is a unification team between the 4 kingdoms… Each one selects a student with good social skills, and unmatched fighting capabilities… B.A.S.H stands for the first initial of the academy names… Beacon… Atlas… Shade… Haven… And has nothing to do with the names of the team members.
Name: Clover Wood.
School: Beacon Academy.
Faunus: No.
Age: 19.
Weapons: Forest Curse. (Might throw in a second weapon, but not sure)
Semblance: Persuasion. (I'll explain it's ability when I do a more detailed review of each character)
Parents: Unknown (for the time being)
Name: Violet Thorn.
School: Atlas Military Academy.
Faunus: No.
Age: 19.
Weapons: Duel weilding pistols.
Semblance: Unknown (Hasn't been discovered yet)
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thorn (Friends with the Schnees’).
Name: Blaze Coal.
School: Shade Academy.
Faunus: No.
Age: 19.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 3 1
Salem x Male reader! Nightmare! Part 2
Hey everyone! :D
This is part 2 of my 800 watcher special! (I'm sorry it's so late, please forgive me ^^; )
Anyway, this will be the last part, and will most likely not be continuing it again, but I still hope you've all enjoyed it! :D
Salem: Hm... Try again.
You took a deep breath, and closed your eyes... Then opened them rapidly and stared down the Grimm which stood before you.
Salem: Focus... Look into it's eyes and look beyond the soulless creature... Make IT fear YOU...
You were wincing and trying your best to keep focus on it's eyes, but after a few short moments, you fell to your knees.
(y/n): I-I can't.
You started huffing and puffing, and lowered your head to face the ground.  
Salem: Hm...
Salem snapped her fingers, and the Grimm went back into the cage it was once in.
Salem: (y
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Blake x Male reader! In The Shadows! Part 8
Hey guys! It has been FOREVER since I last posted an update for my stories.  I'm super sorry, life has been kicking my butt right now.  I'm not sure if I'm back on for good, it might be on and off (I just hope not as long as the last time, which was over 2 months) Anyway, I want to thank all of you who have watched me over the last 2 months, and kept looking for updates. I'm sorry to keep you all waiting, and hope you enjoy this update for my Blake story!
Also, this is the last update for this one till Volume 5 is done :D Then on to the next story whatever that might be? (I'll have to go through my gallery to figure it out)
Anyway, sit back, and enjoy!
It's been a couple of weeks since you, Blake, and Sun made it to Menagerie.  Most of the time you laid low with Blake and her family...
One regular day
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 51 62
Nightmares and Daylights! OC animals in RWBY!
Long ago, their were wolves that roamed Remnant.  While the species roamed all 4 major continents, the numbers of them were still spread thin.  One day, a little girl was playing outside her house, when an injured one limped through her yard.  She saw how it was on the verge of death. When the wolf saw the girl approach her, he backed away... The wolf tried to run away from the girl, but he kept falling over.  As she continued to approach, he whimpered, hoping the girl would see he was too scared... The girl didn't care, and touched it's forehead.  When she did, it had created a nightmare inside of her, and the wolf died in the field.  She would go to sleep that night and have the worst nightmare imaginable... The nightmares had then spread to her family when they touched her.  Soon, the nightmares were roaming around like wildfire, and they called it "Shadowed sleep".  In time, the name "Nightmare" was dubbed for them. The Nightmare
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 8 8
Salem x Male reader! Nightmare! Part 1
Hello everyone! This is my 800 watcher special! I can't thank all of you enough for the support you have given me! :D
Random man: Look at this freak!
Random woman: Ew!
Random man #2: Sweetie, stay away from that... That thing!
The man pulled his daughter from the sidewalk.
Daughter: But Daddy, he looks ill and hungry.
Random man #2: That is nothing more than a runt... A freak... He's an outcast! And he's not to be meddled with.
The father grabbed his daughters hand, and continued to walk down the street... The little girl waved to you with her other hand as she was being pulled away by her father.  This put the smallest smile on your face...
These are what your days consisted of... You were a homeless Faunus with no family or friends... In fact, you were even cast aside by the
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 94 98
Blake x Male reader! In The Shadows! Part 7
Hey guys! I know I haven't been uploading as often as I used to.  I hope to work on changing that :D .
Anyway! Here is the continuation of my Blake story!
Just fyi, I don't think I'm going to do my story recaps anymore, only because people who will read them later won't have to wait like some of you did, they'll just be able to read all the parts.  (I hope that's alright with you guys)
It's been quite a few months since the fall of Beacon. You and Blake had been wandering around, searching for clues as to the whereabouts of the White Fang... But after a while... That got old... You and Blake didn't find any clues or leads as to where they could be hiding. Blake decided to give it a rest, and she decided she wanted to go home... Unfortunately, since the fall of Beacon... She was never the same...
(y/n): Blake?
You looked at her as you saw her toss her ribbon over the boa
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 65 50
Mature content
Velvet x Male reader! Memories Shattered! Part 10 :iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 47 73
Yang x Male reader! 2nd chances! Part 14
Alright guys! This is the last update for my Yang story until Volume 5 comes! So hand on to your butts! Here we go!!! (This one is of good length :D )
(y/n): ...I'm sorry Yang...
Yang: Sorry? What are you sorry for?
You looked at the ground, almost afraid to look up to see if her eyes were red instead of lilac.
(y/n): I... Had an opportunity...
Yang: An opportunity?
(y/n): ...Can we cuddle on your bed for a moment?
Yang: Sure.
You and Yang cuddled up next to each other on her bed... You were both now nice and warm, but you were still nervous to tell her.
(y/n): I... Had an opportunity... To kill him...
Yang was a little confused at first, but then realized which "him" you were talking about.
Yang: Oh...
(y/n): It was moments after... He took your arm... But I bested him for a moment...
Yang: ...
Yang turned away from you for a
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Yang x Male reader! 2nd chances! Part 13
Alright guys, I'm gonna do one more update for this story after this, and I'll be moving on to the next one! (not sure who it is, I'll have to double check)
Just to let you all know.  I heard that their are rumors that Neo could return in Volume 5, but I'm not sure if that's confirmed or not.  So until they are confirmed (if it is confirmed, just say so in the comments, I haven't heard all the details, that's why I'm not 100%) Also, I will most likely not continue my Summer one because it would mess with the way things are going cannon right now (ya know, with Ruby and all) I might just make a short alternate ending.  So after that, the next two would be Raven and Velvet.  Since Raven shows up for like 2 minutes, and Velvet doesn't at all, I'll probably just make 1-part updates.  So, that's just a rough idea of my schedule and just letting you all know why I'll be skipping Summer and Neo.
Anyway, sorry for how long that was...
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 36 47
Yang x Male reader! 2nd chances! Part 12
Ok, this part is a little short too, but that's because I'd rather do 2-3 shorter parts, than try to make 1 HUGE part (that way, I'm not going a whole week without releasing a part) So I hope that's alright with you guys...
*Beowolf groan*
(y/n): That's another one down.
Goodwitch: Excellent (y/n), go regroup with your team, I can handle it from here.
(y/n): Yes Professor.
Professor Goodwitch split you from your team at the beginning of the fighting because she needed someone to watch her back.  You sprit from your current location and head to the other side of the school.
(y/n): Hey, how's it-
Rusty: MOMMY!
Rusty ran behind you faster than a speeding bullet.  Sky and Clover weren't too far behind.
(y/n): What is- ...Oh...
You saw a HUGE Nevermore fly from behind one of the academy buildings.  Sky and Clover were now next to you.
Sky: Good thing you showed u
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Yang x Male reader! 2nd chances! Part 11
Hello! This is the first update of my older and very first story on here.  For those of you who read it when I first released it, it had a different title. I have since changed it since I changed it 2-3 times while writing it. Also, the final part from when I first wrote it was changed from "Finale" to "Part 11" since I'm updating it to volume 4 :D . I will be recapping what has happened up to this point so for those of you who have read it already don't have to read it again (but of course, you can if you want to :D )
If you are a newcomer and haven't read the first 11 parts to this, go to my page, and go to my gallery.  They're folders on the left, and one of the top ones should be my Yang story. I would HIGHLY recommend reading them before reading this just so you know what's going on, or you could just read the recap, but you can do what you want I suppose.
RECAP! (It's kinda long, sorry XD)
(y/n) is a
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 46 43
Cynthia x Male reader! Champion of my heart.
Thank you all so much for the love and support you have given me! This is my 700 watcher special, and I can't thank you all enough!  It means the world to me! So even for those of you who aren't watchers or followers of my page, I still appreciate you taking your time to read my stories!
Some of you may know, but I will say it again just so everyone knows.  This is a one shot, and I will not be continuing this forward.
NOTE: In this story, I don't have a specific Pokemon in play, so, it will be known as (F/p) for favorite pokemon, and you pick your desired partner.  (for the love of god, don't pick Zubat XDD)
You are a 17 year old roaming the land of the Sinnoh region.  This wasn't your first time here, but it had been quite a few years since you had been here.  Just like in Sinnoh, you had gone on crazy adventures with yo
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 95 66
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Finale!
Thank you all so much for reading! This is the final RWBY story I'm doing, and then I will FINALLY be updating my older stories to Volume 4! Thank you all for being patient with me!
Torchwick: ...Asher...
Asher: Hellooo little brother! I hear you're in a cell on a big ship!
Torchwick: How did you?-
Asher: Teehee! You're older brother is smarter than he looks!
Torchwick: That's a shocker...
Asher: Anyway, I might be able to help you get out of there little bro-
The line was cut off... Torchwick saw some kind of device in his hand.
Ironwood: I could hear that.
Torchwick: Believe me General, I didn't want to hear from that psychopath.
Torchwick tossed the scroll back to the General, and Torchwick's cell door was once again, closed...
Emerald: You wanted to see me ma'am?
Cinder: Yes... I want to ask you something.
Emerald: What is it?
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Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 7
Sorry for the wait you guys!
After a few moments, you two broke off the kiss.
(y/n): W-wow...
Emerald: What?!
You were startled at Emerald raising her voice... You then noticed the blush on her face.
(y/n): N-nothing... I just wasn't expecting it.
Emerald: ...It wasn't bad... Was it?
You simply kissed her cheek with a smile on your face.
(y/n): Of course not Emerald...
She smiled as well, and she rested her head on your shoulders.
Emerald: I'm so happy you're here... I was beginning to think my time here would just be wasted on trying to make fake friends.
(y/n): Fake friends?
Emerald: ...Well, it's kinda a long st-
Cinder: Emerald.
You and Emerald turned your heads.
Emerald: Cinder!... What are you doing here?
Cinder: I was wondering why it was taking you so long.
Emerald: Oh...
Mercury popped up from behind Cinder.
Mercury: (y/n) and Emerald sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G!
Emerald: Will
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Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 6
(y/n): E-Emerald?!
Jay and his team were looking at you funny as you stared at a emerald-haired beauty.   (see what I did there? XD)
Jay: Do you know her?
You weren't paying any attention to Jay right now... Right now you're eyes were on her... She was too far away for her to notice you... But you knew it was her...
Jay: Well don't just stand there, go say something.
(y/n): UHH... Right... Yeah, ok...
Jay: We'll head to the front and get ourselves checked in, don't be too far behind so we can try and get you to come here.
(y/n): Yeah... Ok...
The 4 of them left, and you looked back... But Emerald was gone!
You rapidly twisted your head in 20 different directions (exaggeration XD) But you lost sight of her...
You saw her walking with two others down a small path... You knew you had to see her... Talk to her...
You ran down the path once you realized how far a
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 56 66
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 5
Asher: Sooo kiddies~ What are you doing way out here?
Jay: ...
Asher: No answer? Fine~
Asher smacked Jay in the face.
Asher: Next time, it'll be your little friend who takes the hit... So... I'll ask again... Where-
Jay: We're a transfer team...
Asher: Transfer team?
Jay: We attend the huntsman academies.
Asher paused, and started laughing his ass off.
Asher: Hahaha! We have Huntsman and Huntresses in training! Think of the opportunities!
You were still staying out of sight... You... Felt like you had to help them... You look back again, and Asher was once again getting closer to the one called Jay.
Asher: I think we have use for you kiddies~
Jay: Yeah... That's not happening.
Asher: Hmm... So be it... Kill him last, throw these 3 in the fire!
Jay: Wait-
(y/n)(thinking): Now or never...
(y/n): Hey Asher, how's it hanging?
The civilians tied up, the huntsman team, and all
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 53 158


Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.4
A few days had passed since you had seen Akeno with Issei. Your chest still tightened every time the image of them together entered your mind.
Rias was the only one who knew what happened since you had to explain why you attacked the Fallen Angel the way you did. Seeing her give you sympathetic looks whenever Akeno pampered either you or Issei was more than enough reason not to tell anyone else what you were going through. You didn’t want to look like some kid whose first crush had rejected him. That would’ve ben humiliating.
Recently you started thinking about asking out someone outside of Rias’ peerage since all the girls there were already interested in Issei as well, but no other girl you knew made you feel the way Akeno did.
For a while you thought you were obsessed with her, but since she wasn’t aware of what you had seen, she continued to treat you the same as always and you didn’t feel anything against her. You were happy that she hadn’t left
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 64 12
Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.3
(I hate this.) You thought as you woke up, curled under your blankets.
Behind you was the familiar weight of the girl whose love had given you hope and despair.
8 hours ago –
You were sitting on your bed trying to relax before falling asleep when Akeno walked into your room.
“Issei’s bed is too crowded with everyone sleeping there.” She cried as she walked over with just a white shirt on and her black hair a mess as it flowed down her back.
She was the same mess everyone was at the end of the day. But even still you were happy to see her. It wasn’t because of the way she was dressed or looked, her presence always filled you with comfort.
“Let me sleep next to you, (Y/n)…It’s no fun having to share Issei, but as long as I have you all to myself I’m always happy.” Her words were like a clean cut to your heart. At first you felt relaxed, but then the sharp pain would shock your body.
“Go ahead.” You shrugged and turne
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 69 47
Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.2
You sat in the main room of the clubhouse with everyone as you kept staring at your hand. Your red claws had faded away and now your hands were back to normal soft skin. The bushy black tail and furry pointed ears had vanished as well. They were all linked to the Scared Gear you obtained when you were brought back to life as a Devil, Issei had already dubbed it the “Howling Gear”. A little bit dramatic for your taste, but strangely enough it fit pretty well considering how much your appearance changed when it was activated. Thankfully when it wasn’t active there was no trace of the changes anywhere on you. No markings on your hands or extra hair growing from where your features had changes.
Everyone was nice to you as they answered any questions that had popped into your head. You didn’t feel any different after becoming a Devil, in fact if not for seeing everyone around you demonstrating some kind of magical power along with your own transformation you would ha
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 63 25
Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.1
You sat your desk during the final minutes of your class, Ms. Rossweiss was a great teacher and you enjoyed her classes. Kouh Academy would be a much better school if all its teachers were as well-mannered and enthusiastic with their students like her.  
“All right everyone, I have the results of last week’s test! Since it’s already the end of the day, you can leave as soon as you get your test back. If you have any questions, please wait until I have passed them all back.” Her cheerful voice canceled any of the whining that normally bust out when a teacher announced they had finished grading the classes test.
The students who knew they did badly couldn’t even complain about her as she truly did go above and beyond to help all of you as much as she could. She held extra classes after school and passed out as many handouts as she could for anyone who needed the help. If someone did fail it was their own fault and not hers’.
“Good job (Y/n)!
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 114 35
Cold as Hell Part 4 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hello all! Erza back! Part 4 here! Before we start I just want to say this chapter will explain why Weiss is out of character as some of you have pointed out. Anyways without further ado let’s get into the read!
(Y/n)= Your name
(L/n)= Last name
The age of his reckoning was uncounted. The scribes carved his name deep in the tablets of Hell across eons, and each battle etched terror in the hearts of the demons. They knew he would come, as he always had, as he always will, to feast on the blood of the wicked. For he alone could draw strength from his fallen foes, and ever his power grew, swift and unrelenting.
*No one’s POV*
(Y/n) walked out of the room of team RWBY.
Team RWBY is sitting on their beds, doing their own thing before Yang looks over at Weiss.
Yang: So Weiss?
Weiss turns her head and looks at Yang.
Yang: What’s going on between
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 38 20
Star Wars by muratgul Star Wars :iconmuratgul:muratgul 1,995 124
Cold as Hell Part 3 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hello everyone! I want to apologize for keeping you guys waiting but I needed my kid to get back on the graduation list. He’s back on thankfully and life returns to normal! Anyways, here is part 3 of Cold as Hell! Hope you guys enjoy!
(Y/n)= Your name
(L/n)= Last name
(f/c)= favorite color
(f/l)= favorite logo
And in his conquest against the blackened souls of the doomed, his prowess was shown. In his crusade, the seraphim bestowed upon him terrible power and speed, and with his might he crushed the obsidian pillars of the Blood Temples. He set forth without pity upon the beasts of the nine circles. Unbreakable, incorruptible, unyielding, the Doom Slayer sought to end the dominion of the dark realm.
*Your POV*
A fist with a glowing green orb of energy hits me in the chest for the….
I already lost count…
It sends me flying back onto the sa
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 41 18
Force Sensitive. Ashoka Tano X Male reader 5
Another instalment of Force Sensitive
Hope you Enjoy
A week after telling the Jedi council about how you were their worst enemy’s son, your master, Yoda, called upon you to meet with him. You threw open the covers of your bed momentarily forgetting that you slept with Ahsoka in the same bed. Your actions caused her to wake up in surprise. She sat up yawning as she rubbed her eyes. Her wounded head tail had almost fully healed since Grievous had burned it with his saber when the two of you went to get Intel. She saw you hurriedly putting on pants and giggled to herself before leaning on one of her arms and smiling at you.
“What are you in a rush for?” she asked, you looked surprised at her as you had forgotten she was there before you resumed getting dressed.
“Huh? Oh sorry Ahsoka but Yoda called for me,” you say as you put
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 31 7
Force Sensitive. Ashoka Tano X Male Reader 4
Hey watchers i'm back with a new Force Sensitive story.
i'm sorry for spending so much time on the Harem story and i know that most of you guys probably didn't enjoy it that much.
but now i'm back and at the end of this chapter i'm gonna tell you what i hopefully plan on doing next.
hope you enjoy and don't cheat and skip to the bottom.
- Booper
Standing before the Jedi council you could feel their collective power; Yoda had called a meeting to see what was on the memory drive that you stole from Dooku. Yoda put in the drive and made his way back to his chair. When the drive fully loaded a man in a dark hood that obscured his face appeared.
“Dooku, you have been my apprentice for years now and have served me well” the voice rasped “For that I will confide in you a secret that no one else may know.” It continued, the other Jedi leaned forward to see what secrets the dark lord would spill
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 29 9
Mature content
Broken :iconjak-zer0:Jak-Zer0 3 0
Cold as Hell Part 2 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hellooooo! I wanna start by saying thank you all for your amazing support! It really means a lot! Because of how popular it is, I’ve decided to continue this series. Once I get caught up with my female reader x Coco series, I’ll start writing the two on different days. As for Swat, the majority said Swat should be a girl, which was my first thought so Swat is a girl now! Anyways, without further ado, part 2!
(Y/n)= Your name
Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remained steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before.
*Your POV*
Bang! Another beowolf down!
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 54 33
Cold as Hell Part 1 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hello everyone! This is my first male reader fanfic! I know I still have my Coco x Reader fanfic to finish. But I'm just writing this one to hopefully get rid of the writers block I have on that. But for this fanfic I'm doing a crossover between RWBY and DOOM but it's mainly RWBY. I'll explain in the backstory. The lucky lady is Weiss Schnee!  For now, sit back, relax and enjoy!
(Y/n)= Your name
(C/n)= Character name
You're just now arriving to Beacon. You're a first year. You've always wanted to come here as a child and now it was happening. Your childhood was normal except for the fact that you never knew your father. Your mother is a…. Demon Faunus! She's the only one of her kind as far as anyone knows. As such you inherited her Demonic features. Mainly your (f/c), piercing, reptilian-like eyes, and the fact you were always warm, even on the coldest days. Because of this, you were always popular with the girls
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 79 62
Force Sensitive. Ahsoka Tano X Male Reader 3.
Who is ready for more Star Wars?????
As training continued for you it started to get harder and harder, but today Yoda told you that you were going on a mission with Anakin and Ahsoka. You were extremely excited about being on a mission with your girlfriend but you were also nervous about Anakin. The mission was that the Sith lord Count Dooku had been spotted coming and going from Planet Geonosis. You and the other two were tasked to find out why and if possible apprehend the count.
Your ship had just gotten out of hyperspace and began to float in space just outside the atmosphere of Geonosis, you took a transport ship with ten troopers while Anakin and Ahsoka took an identical one with another ten troopers including captain Rex. When you touched down on the dusty ground you waved your hand and used the force to cover your eyes from the flying sand.
“Right reports say that the counts last location was two clicks North of here, we can’t
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 36 13
Coco Adel x Reader - Arrows and Shells Part 3
Hello all! Part 3 is here! And this will feature some action finally! :D Anyways let’s continue from the last part! Allons-y!
You stared dead ahead at the giant scorpion grimm in front of you. The many red eyes seemed to pierce your soul as the tail would.
(Y/n): Great… knew it was a bad thing when that plant twitched…
You looked behind and saw some trees and a cliff at the end of it.
(Y/n): I could either lead it off the edge, or fall off myself… Let’s take the risk for the day.
You ran with the deathstalker close behind. You used your power to load a black arrow and turned around and released the arrow. Unfortunately, the arrow wasn’t able to hit a weak spot on the deathstalkers armor.
(Y/n): Of all the times to have horrible aim!
You quickly dodged a swing from the scorpion's pincers and backflipped over another attack. As y
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 10 7
Force Sensitive. Ashoka Tano X Male Reader 2.
It has been a week since (Y/N) was accepted into the Jedi order, over that time Yoda had him get acquainted with Anakin and Ahsoka as well as Obi-Wan. Yoda had also focused his training for (Y/N) more on the side of the force than how to use a light saber. This didn’t bother (Y/N) though as he snuck out of his room at night to practice with his gauntlet saber, as well as target practice with the gauntlet’s DT-12 form. He himself didn’t know it but multiple pairs of eyes were watching his practice sessions that he held by himself at night nor did he realize that he was such a good shot having only missed a few since he started, his saber training was coming along steadily but he wasn’t happy with that, he wanted to be stronger to be better… That was his flaw.
Right now Yoda had (Y/N) meditating in one of the many rooms at the temple, (Y/N) sat cross-legged and eyes closed as he focused.
“Feel what do you?” asked Yoda
“I feel the power of t
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 41 18
Force Sensitive. Ahsoka Tano X Male Reader
Hey my dudes i wanted to do an Ahsoka story since the idea's been in my head for a while and i thought that since NubsTheCaterpie is doing an Ahsoka story now might be a good time to do mine. hope you enjoy
Growing up on the darker, unfriendly side of Courscant was enough to turn anyone into a darker person, (Y/N) Frey was no acceptation, having grown up around other hardened criminals he too found himself amidst their ranks. But unlike other criminals the criminals (Y/N) found himself dealing with were made up of ranks and guilds where the masters ran everything like businesses offering apprenticeship to promising students. (Y/N) was found living off of the streets trying to feed his younger sister who was only 7 by stealing from others and grabbing whatever he could, (Y/N) himself was only 10 when Neal Dasker, the Guild Master for the Thief’s Guild only bare
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Alright! Story time! This is the story of nubs! The REAL nubs! XD (ONTO THE READ!)

My sister and I were doing a Pokémon X and Y Soul link wonderlocke (if you don't know that that is, message me or look it up)

Anyway, one of my first encounters was a Caterpie at level 2. Since it was a wonderlocke, I had to give it a nickname, then wonder trade it off into the world XD. I couldn't think of a good name, and then I saw his little feet. I thought "Huh, he's got little nubs" So I named him nubs! (not realizing it would start something this big) So after naming him, I said my goodbye, and wonder traded him off into the world. Now, since I was doing this with my sister, we were wonder trading around the same time. We had both wonder traded a couple of times, due to us both getting some of the same Pokémon. After a few more, my sister wonder traded and got a Caterpie. We jokingly laughed saying "What if it's nubs?" But we didn't give it a second thought, and she got ready to trade it...

But... Right as she was about to... She saw that the name was in fact "nubs" and she looked at the OT. It was mine! The very one that I had traded minutes afterwards! We were stunned! It was the coolest thing ever and it's nothing I ever thought would happen to me.

And that is the story of nubs! Unfortunately, he isn't a Caterpie, it is in fact a Butterfree, because we decided to keep it and use it, but we stopped after an hour or so cause we both got bored XD. But I asked her to trade it back to me so I could keep it, after all, it is my mascot XD

Just call me Nubs...

IF you play Pokemon... And you get a Caterpie...

You better name it Nubs... XD


Next to update will probably be my Weiss story, "Scars", cause I'm trying to go in the order I made them (For the most part) So yeah, expect that to come out soon! :D 
Team B.A.S.H. is a unification team between the 4 kingdoms… Each one selects a student with good social skills, and unmatched fighting capabilities… B.A.S.H stands for the first initial of the academy names… Beacon… Atlas… Shade… Haven… And has nothing to do with the names of the team members.


Name: Clover Wood.

School: Beacon Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Forest Curse. (Might throw in a second weapon, but not sure)…

Semblance: Persuasion. (I'll explain it's ability when I do a more detailed review of each character)

Parents: Unknown (for the time being)


Name: Violet Thorn.

School: Atlas Military Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Duel weilding pistols.

Semblance: Unknown (Hasn't been discovered yet)

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thorn (Friends with the Schnees’).


Name: Blaze Coal.

School: Shade Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: High tech sniper

Semblance: Breathes Fire.

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Coal.  (Brother, Flynt Coal)


Name: Shadow Fall.

Faunus: No.

School: Haven Academy.

Age: 20.

Weapons:  Dust whip and Pistol.

Semblance: Invisibility (For short time, drains aura quickly)

Parents:  Unknown (Sister, Cinder Fall).
Team B.A.S.H! My OC team! (3.0)
I hope to soon go into more detail about each character. 
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This is part 2 of my 800 watcher special! (I'm sorry it's so late, please forgive me ^^; )

Anyway, this will be the last part, and will most likely not be continuing it again, but I still hope you've all enjoyed it! :D





Salem: Hm... Try again.

You took a deep breath, and closed your eyes... Then opened them rapidly and stared down the Grimm which stood before you.

Salem: Focus... Look into it's eyes and look beyond the soulless creature... Make IT fear YOU...

You were wincing and trying your best to keep focus on it's eyes, but after a few short moments, you fell to your knees.

(y/n): I-I can't.

You started huffing and puffing, and lowered your head to face the ground.  

Salem: Hm...

Salem snapped her fingers, and the Grimm went back into the cage it was once in.

Salem: (y/n)-

(y/n): I'm sorry ma'am.

Salem tilted her head slightly.

Salem: My dear boy, what are you sorry about?

(y/n): I've been trying for weeks... And I haven't been able to improve much at all...

Salem walked over to you slowly.  She brought a hand towards your face and caressed your cheek.

Salem: My dear boy, no one harnesses their powers in a few weeks time. I don't expect you to get something this big right the first time.  If it were just fighting, I would be disappointed.

(y/n): Oh...

Salem: But you are no ordinary boy.  You are truly something special.

You slightly blushed at Salem's kind words... She had been nothing but kind to you since you arrived here. You had been working on your Nightmare powers since you got here, but haven't been completely able to hone them just yet. But it was pretty obvious that Salem was patient with you, which made you like her more.

(y/n): Thank you Sal- I mean, ma'am.

She smiled at you.

Salem: You may call me Salem if you wish.

You blushed once again, and turned away.

(y/n): A-alright.

Salem: ...Now, I must attend to a few things.  Take a break for the rest of the day from training.  You deserve it.

(y/n): Of course... Salem.

She smiled, and left the small arena.  You walked to the room you were given.  The first thing you see when you open the door, is Night completely loafed on your bed.

(y/n): Hey, fuzzbutt!

Night quickly raised his head and ears.

(y/n): Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Night got up quickly and playfully ran around you a couple of times after jumping off the bed.

(y/n): How ya holding up?

He stopped and howled in your face for a few seconds. You swiped your hand a few times by your nose.

(y/n): Well, you seem to be doing alright... Could use a breath mint though.

Night just continued to howl a little more.  Salem didn't want Night to be in the arena with you when you trained. She didn't want him to be a distraction or for him to interrupt your training...

(y/n): Well, I'm definitely going to take advantage of my freedom for the rest of the day, and take a nap!

You walked over to your bed.  You were completely exhausted after working so hard on your powers everyday.  Salem might not have expected you to hone your powers quickly, but that doesn't mean she didn't want you to work your hardest for most of every day.

(y/n): Alright, I'll just-

Salem: (y/n)!

You heard Salem shout your name outside your room.

(y/n): That... Didn't sound good.

You gulped, and walked out of your room, and down the hall to Salem's room.  You knocked once.

Salem: Enter.

You slowly opened the door, to reveal Salem's back towards you... But her upper body was completely bare in the back.

(y/n): UHM-

Salem: I can't seem to reach my zipper... Would you be a dear and get it for me?~

You were really blushing now.  All of her red marks over her pale body were mesmerizing, almost like a perfectly completed puzzle.

(y/n): U-uh, sure.

You walked behind her, grabbed the zipper, and zipped it up.

Salem: Thank you (y/n).

(y/n): Of course Salem.

You turned to leave, but she grabbed your arm.  

You slowly turned around, hoping you weren't in trouble.

(y/n): Ma'am?

Salem: You deserve your reward.

(y/n): Reward?

Salem: Yes.  You helped me with my zipper... Now I must thank you... But not in just any way.

You tilted your head slightly, confused by what she meant.

Salem: Oh, don't worry my dear~

Salem pulled you closer to her, and your noses were touching.

Salem: Here you go~

She slowly moved her lips to lock yours.  You were stunned to say the least, but you quickly sank into the cold kiss. Her lips were cold as ice, but even though it felt like a dark kiss, it was refreshing, and you wanted more.  You moved your hands to grab her waist, and that's when she pushed off.

Salem: Now now (y/n), you mustn't have me all at once.

(y/n): I-I'm sorry... I was going to get carried away, and I shouldn't have.

Salem: It's alright... (y/n), I hope you know how I feel about you now.

(y/n): ...Yes ma'am.

She smiled at you.

Salem: That means that I'll expect more from you than the others... And when they all return from their missions, I hope that by then, you'll have a full handle on your power... And you can be at my side.

She rubbed her hand against your cheek.

(y/n): At your side?

Salem: Yes... When those idiots get back... They'll see how much you've grown... And with you at my side, they'll know you're not to be messed with.

She leaned in to softly kiss your cheek.

Salem: Now go back to your room and rest dear~

(y/n): Of course... Thank you.

You left Salem's room, and went back to your own... When you got there, Night was asleep on one of the rugs.

You relaxed for a few minutes, and took a deep breath.  You then drifted off into your nap...






You slowly shuffle around, and turn in the direction of the nudge.  

Salem: My little (y/n), so cute when you sleep.

(y/n): Gah!

You fell off your bed and hit the floor hard.  You were more surprised than anything.  She was close to your face and sitting on your bed.  

Salem: (y/n), are you alright?

(y/n): I'm... Fine... Just surprised was all.

Salem: I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention.

(y/n): ...Then why did you wake me?

Salem: You see (y/n)... I have an idea.

(y/n): Alright, what?

Salem: How much do you like me?

You turned your head slightly away from her.

(y/n): Truthfully? I like you a lot Salem.

She slightly blushed herself.

(y/n): You took me in, and gave me a home in a matter of minutes... I don't care who's side you're on... I just know that I want to be with you no matter what... I'll follow you anywhere, and do whatever you need me to do... You've taken care of me like no one else has, and I will be forever in your debt for that...

Salem had cupped your cheeks in her hands.

Salem: My dear boy... You are truly special~

She kissed your once again.  This time with a little more passion, and both of you were starting to go a bit crazy. (Well... Salem is already crazy, so ;) )

You moved your lips to her exposed collarbone, and started to kiss.  

Salem: Oh!~

Salem's red body marks started to glow as you continued to kiss her.  After a few seconds, Salem grabbed your chin, and removed your lips from her body.

Salem: Now (y/n)... As much as I would LOVE to have you right now... I wouldn't feel... Satisfied~

(y/n): What do you mean Salem?

She got up from the bed.

Salem: I need to know you're 100% committed to me... And for that, you must prove it to me.

(y/n): Anything ma'am.

Salem: So... I will not have you until you have reached your maximum potential!

She started to shout a little, causing Night to wake up.

Salem: I want to know that you are in fact... My equal.  

You gulped... You were starting to feel the pressure.

Salem: I want you to stand next to me, and I want to be confident that having you at my side will only make the both of us stronger!

(y/n): ...Of course...

Salem: Alright... We'll continue training tomorrow.

(y/n): Yes ma'am.

Salem then left your room, and you continued to spend the rest of the day however you wished...








(y/n): ...I can't!

You fell to your knees.  You were facing the same Grimm you did the day before, and you still hadn't made any sort of progress.  

Salem sighed, which didn't make you feel good, at all.

Salem: You need to try harder.

(y/n): I feel like I am-

Salem: But are you really? Are you using your full potential?

(y/n): What do you mean?

Salem: You have to want it (y/n)! Want it more than anything!

You took a few more deep breaths.

Salem: Come to me.

You slowly got up, and walked to Salem.  You fell to your knees when you got in front of her. She played with your hair as she spoke to you.  

Salem: My dear boy... You must use your past experiences to help you... You must use all of those horrible moments to drive you to be stronger... You need to use fear... Anger... Hate... All of those raw, passionate emotions to gather all your strength, and use it for all your wants and desires.

You slowly breathed as Salem said that. Maybe she was right? Maybe you needed to dwell on all the bad things that happened to you, and used them as fuel to help guide you on the path of honing your skills...

Salem: You must use all your emotions to drive your power.

(y/n): I...

Salem: You can do it.

You closed your eyes, and tried to gather all of your bad memories in your mind.

Salem: Now... Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to you... What would it be?

(y/n): ...Losing you...

Salem was taken by surprise... She was blushing, but your eyes were closed, so you didn't see it.  She was hesitant, and paused for a few seconds.

Salem: ...Alright...

Salem placed her hand on your head, and you suddenly started to see then image.  It was Salem, being defeated by hundreds of warriors.


Salem: What do you see?

You continued to see that image, but it was getting more vibrant, and seemed to plant itself more and more in your mind.

(y/n): No...

Salem: Use your anger, use your fear to drive you.

(y/n): My fear... My anger... My hatred...

Salem then got close to your ear, and whispered.

Salem: ...Don't let them take me (y/n).

At that moment... That short moment... It seemed real... That Salem was in fact being destroyed by hundreds of warriors... And you acted as if she was.  You rapidly stood up, turned around, and faced the Grimm with glowing golden eyes.

(y/n): DON'T TOUCH HER!  

You were still in that moment Salem had planted in your mind.  You stared the Grimm down, and in seconds... It was paralyzed...




Salem gave you a slow clap, and the image in your mind suddenly went away.  When you realized that it was only you imagining things, you realized that you had in fact paralyzed the Grimm.

(y/n): I-I-

Salem: Well done (y/n)... While it isn't perfect, we are on the right path to completing your training.

You slowly turned to her, and knelt before her.

(y/n): Yes... My mistress.

Salem might have used some mind trick on you to get the results she wanted... But if it meant you could become stronger... You were ready to face anything she threw at you...





It had been a few months since that day when you first paralyzed the Grimm... Since then, Salem had managed to get you to use all of your fear, anger, and hate to make your stronger.  Once you had a full grasp of your power, Salem kept her promise, and you two shared each others love with one another. You couldn't be happier with how things had turned out... You had also moved out of your room, and now shared Salem's room.


(y/n): Hmf?

You slowly opened your eyes to your love pressing her nose on yours.

(y/n): Good morning my devil~

Salem: Hmm~ I like it when you call me that~

You two passionately made out in bed for a few minutes, until a sear Grimm entered the room.

Salem: Hm...

She stared intently into the Grimm for a few minutes.  

Salem: It seems everyone is getting back from their missions today... I suppose we'll have to have a meeting later.

(y/n): Of course my ladyship.

You were just about to get out of bed when-

Salem: But that can all wait.  Let me dominate you this morning?~

(y/n): I like the sound of that~

Salem smirked and bit your lip as you both continued to enjoy each others love... And you knew at that moment.. You would never love anyone the way you loved Salem...


Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you all enjoyed it very much! :D :D :D

Not sure what's gonna be next, but I'll figure it out :D
Salem x Male reader! Nightmare! Part 2
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Also, this is the last update for this one till Volume 5 is done :D Then on to the next story whatever that might be? (I'll have to go through my gallery to figure it out)

Anyway, sit back, and enjoy!



It's been a couple of weeks since you, Blake, and Sun made it to Menagerie.  Most of the time you laid low with Blake and her family...

One regular day, you and Blake decided to take a little cat nap ( ;) ) On the couch for a couple of hours...



You slowly open your eyes to see that you were the only on the couch.  You slowly got up, and saw Kali walking past.  She saw that you were getting up, and walked to you.

Kali: Hey (y/n)

(y/n): Oh, hey Mrs. Belladonna.

Kali: Please, (y/n), you can call me Kali... Or mom?

You blushed a bright red.

(y/n): U-uh, t-that... Mrs. B-Belladonna is f-fine.

She chuckled.

Kali: Alright... I just see the way you and Blake are... She's really grown attached to you.

(y/n): Y-yeah... We've been through a lot...

Kali: I know... All the more reason I'm connived you two will work out all the way to the end.

(y/n): The end?

Kali went to the kitchen to grab some tea.

Kali: Walk with me (y/n).

(y/n): U-uh sure.

You got up, and walked with Kali.

(y/n): What did you mean by that?

Kali: What?

(y/n): When you said we'd make it all the way to the end?

Kali: Oh that?

You two went up the stairs, and opened the door to get to the patio.

Kali: Why, I meant you and Blake getting married of course.

Blake: Gah?!

(y/n): WHAT?!

You and Kali turned to see Blake standing outside Ghira's office.  

Kali: Oh dear.

Blake: What were you two talking about?!

You just planted your hand to your face and sighed.  Kali decided to change the subject quickly.

Kali: So what are you waiting for?

Blake: I... Don't want to disturb him.

Blake continued to look at the door of her dad's study.

Kali: You're his daughter... He'll always have time for you.

Kali handed Blake the tray of tea.

Blake: What am I supposed to do with this?

Kali just left the patio and went down the stairs without answering.

Blake: ...Anyway, what were you two talking about?!

(y/n): It just came out of-

Ghira: Kali? Is that you?

Blake then turned to face the closed door, and her hands shaking.

(y/n): We can talk about it later.

You two smiled at each other, and you kissed her cheek before leaving.

(y/n): Have fun.

She sheepishly nodded, and walked into her dad's study. You were going down the stairs when you see Sun going up.

(y/n): Where are you going?

Sun: I've got something big I need to tell Blake! Where is she?!

You pointed up towards Ghira's office.

Sun: Cool, thanks!

(y/n): I wouldn't go up there right now.

Sun: Why not?

(y/n): She's talking with Ghira... So I would assume she probably wants to be left alone with her dad.

Sun: Oh, gotcha... Wait... What do you mean?! Eavesdropping on a daughter-father conversation! Sounds great!

You just sighed and let out a wimpy chuckle.

(y/n): Your death wish.

Sun: What's that suppose to mean?

(y/n): Go at your own risk.

Sun: Aw, come on, you don't want to join me?

You let out another chuckle.

(y/n): I'm not ready to die just yet.

Sun just kinda shrugged, and you went down the stairs as he went up...

You went back into the living room, and sat around for a little bit until you heard shouting on the patio. Kali chuckled, and you got up to go save Sun from a beating from Blake.

Sun: I'm sorry okay!

Blake: UGH!

(y/n): You two doing alright?

Sun: I was trying to tell her something important, and then she started hitting me!

(y/n): I told you it was your death wish.

Sun: Anyway-

Blake: Sun! I told you! I don't want to talk about this right now... I'm here to relax... With my family.

Sun: But-

Blake grabbed Sun's scroll, and threw it into the trees in her yard.


???: Uh.

You, Blake, and Sun slowly turn to the yard after hearing a faint noise.

Sun: What was that?

(y/n): What IS that?

Sun: A freaking ninja?!

The figure dashed from the yard, and Blake was quick to follow.

(y/n): Blake!

Kali came out to the patio.

Kali: What's going on?

That's when you jumped to follow Blake.

Sun: W-wait for me!

Sun then jumped after you two. You and Blake had gained some ground on the spy, and Sun was slowly catching up to you two.

The figure kept jumping through the trees, and was getting close to the town.

Sun: Crap! They're fast.

You and Blake just kept chasing it.

Blake: We can't let them escape!

(y/n): Yeah... Hey Blake, something seems familiar.

She looked at you with a curious face, and that's when you realized you had just jumped onto a building.

(y/n): Shit, she's quick.

Sun: She?!

You and Sun had stopped, and Blake continued pursuit.

(y/n): I think I know who it is. Let's go Sun.

Sun: U-uh, right.

You and Sun slowly caught up to Blake, and surrounded the figure on the top of a roof.

Sun: You have nowhere to hide!

The figure gunned for Sun-

(y/n): Ilia!

She froze in her tracks.

Blake: Wait... Ilia?

Ilia turned to you, and her mask shattered.

Ilia: It's been a while.

Blake: Ilia... What are you doing? Why were you spying on me?!

Sun tried to sneakily grab Ilia's scroll, but ended up getting a stab from Ilia's weapon.

Blake: Sun!

Blake immediately ran to Sun's aid, while you slid under Ilia and swiped at her feet, causing her to hit the ground. Unfortunately, she quickly recovered, and started making a run for it.

(y/n): Oh no you don't!

You didn't give Blake or Sun a second thought, and gunned for Ilia...




It had been about 20 minutes, and you had searched quite a few buildings. When-

Ilia: Oh hello gorgeous.

You quickly turned around to another building, and saw Ilia standing by it.

(y/n): Ilia...

Ilia: Ah (y/n), did you come back just to see me? I didn't think you missed me that much.

(y/n): I didn't.

Ilia: Aw, that's too bad, I missed you.

(y/n): That's too bad.

You two circled.

Ilia: You shouldn't have come back.

(y/n): I can't believe you're still doing this.

Ilia: That's none of your concern.

(y/n): ...Yeah, not anymore.

Ilia: So, you gonna try and arrest me?

(y/n): Maybe-

That's when Ilia used her weapon to create a dust cloud around you. When you had better vision, she was gone.

(y/n): Damnit Ilia... You didn't used to be like this...

After your confrontation with Ilila, you slowly walked back to Blake's home.

You went through the backyard when no one answered the front door, and figured out they were all in Ghira's study. You climbed to the balcony, and knocked on the door of his study.

*knock knock*

After a few moments, Blake opened the door and immediately hugged you. You looked over to see Sun on the couch, with a big bandage across his shoulder.

(y/n): He'll be ok Blake.

She just sighed as she continued to sink your arms, as if she had no strength to stand.

Ghira: We should just let him rest for the night.

Kali nodded, and you and Blake did as well.

As you all left for your separate rooms, Blake walked into yours as you got in bed.

(y/n): Blake, you alright?

Blake: I... Need to talk to you.

You sat up on your bed.

(y/n): What's up?

Blake: ...What is Ilia thinking?!

(y/n): I don't know Blake...

Blake: ... And Sun, that reckless idiot!

(y/n): Blake!

She looked at you with a stunned look. You had grabbed her by the shoulders.

(y/n): You need to calm down Blake... Sun is going to be fine...

Blake: ...This is one reason why I wanted to come here alone.

(y/n): Blake-

Blake: I don't want you and Sun getting hurt for me! Besides! If Yang finds out Sun has been beaten to a bloody pulp, she'll be even more upset with me than she already is...

(y/n): Blake, Sun knows what the risks are... And so do I... And I'll take them for you.

She just turned away and sighed.

Blake: I can't stand seeing you or anyone else getting hurt for me.

You got out of bed, and held her hands.

(y/n): Blake... This isn't all about you... This is something bigger than all of us... But just know, that if it means protecting you... I'll do anything.

Blake: But-

(y/n): No buts Blake... You're my girlfriend... My book worm, my cat nap companion... My little shadow.

You kissed her forehead.

Blake: Alright (y/n)... Thank you-

Right then, the door for the bedroom hit the floor, you and Blake turned rapidly to see Kali and Ghira standing there.

Blake: Mom?!

Kali: Well THIS isn't our room, is it Ghira?

Ghira just sighed and shook his head, and you did the same.

Blake: Seriously you two?

Kali just grabbed Ghira, and they went to their room.

Blake: Ugh, my parents...

(y/n): It's ok Blake.

You kissed her forehead once more.

(y/n): We need to get some sleep.

Blake: Right.

Blake then immediately plopped her butt on your side of the bed.

(y/n): Huh?

Blake: You said we need to get some sleep.

Blake then picked the blanket up, and covered herself in it.

(y/n): ...Blake, this is-

Blake: Yes, I know it's your bed.

Blake then started to get comfortable.

(y/n): ...Fine.

You turned the lights off and got in bed with her.

You were laying on your back, eyes to the ceiling, while Blake had her back to you.

After a few minutes, you figured you should say something... But that's when you heard small sniffles from her side.

(y/n): Blake?

Blake: ...I miss them...

Blake then turned to you and started bawling.

Blake: I miss them so much!... I miss Ruby... Weiss... Y-Yang...

You pulled her in an embrace, and her hands were on your chest.

Blake: They probably hate for leaving...

(y/n): Blake-

Blake: I miss how hyper Ruby was... How funny Yang could be... And how nice Weiss was...

(y/n): ... I'm sorry Blake... I really am...  

Blake slowly fell asleep in your arms, and you shortly afterwards...


You woke up to the bed being empty, but you see Blake standing at the end of the bed getting dressed.  

(y/n): Good morning gorgeous.

Blake turned to you and blushed. She only had her bra and panties on.

Blake: Pervert.

(y/n): What? I can't compliment how gorgeous I think you are?

Blake blushed again and rolled her eyes.

Blake: Fine~

You two kissed for a few minutes, and she finished getting dressed.

Blake: I'm... Going to go check on Sun.

(y/n): Alright, I'll be up shortly.

She nodded, and left the bedroom.

You took a few extra minutes to getting dressed, but started to make your way upstairs, when you see Kali and Ghira once again, listening in behind the door.

(y/n): You know-

Kali: Gah!

Kali then fell on the door just like she had on you and Blake last night.

Blake: Mom... Again? Seriously?

Sun: Hey Mrs. B!

You just stood next to Ghira and you both just sighed.

You three then walked in, and talked about the next course of action... You all decided that maybe it wasn't time to destroy the White Fang... Rather... Blake decided it was time to take it back... Back to what it once was...


Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you all enjoyed it! I'm not sure what the next update will be, but I'll figure it out! :D
Blake x Male reader! In The Shadows! Part 8
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Team B.A.S.H.   (My OC team!) 

Team B.A.S.H. is a unification team between the 4 kingdoms… Each one selects a student with good social skills, and unmatched fighting capabilities… B.A.S.H stands for the first initial of the academy names… Beacon… Atlas… Shade… Haven… And has nothing to do with the names of the team members. 


Name: Clover Ironwood (Adopted).

School: Beacon Academy.

Faunus: Yes, Tiger Faunus.  Trait: Retractable claws. 

Age: 19.

Weapons: Circular shield and James’s second revolver. 

Semblance: Super strength. 

Parents: James Ironwood.


Name: Violet Thorn. 

School: Atlas Military Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Compact bow that turns into a sword.

Semblance: Invisibility (For short time, drains aura).

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thorn (Friends with the Schnees’).


Name: Blaze Wood.

School: Shade Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Gauntlets (Like Yang and Mercury) 

Semblance: Breathes Fire. 

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wood. ( ;)


Name: Shadow Fall.

Faunus: No.

School: Haven Academy.

Age: 20.

Weapons:  Dust whip and Pistol.

Semblance: Glass manipulation. 

Parents:  None (Sister, Cinder Fall).


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Jackas33 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017
Miss your stories, please update soon. Good luck!!!!
NubsTheCaterpie Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I just did! :D 

I'm sorry about the delay, life has been kicking my butt! I hope that I can be back and update like I once did. :D 
RevenantOfHell64 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hey Nubs!
Awhile ago I started to make Asher as soon as I got your reply and finally here he is :D The insane crime lord of Mistral, I hope you like it Nubs :) I gave him a sorta Joker look to him, I have a feeling that Emerald is going to have a showdown against Asher. I hope you can reply, thank you and have a good day!
RWBY Gif - Emerald  
RWBY OC: Asher Torchwick by RevenantOfHell64
NubsTheCaterpie Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! Really sorry this is so late, life has been kicking my butt lately, and just haven't been able to get on like I once did... 

I think it's a great look! Though, if I may be honest, not what I pictured? 

Don't get me wrong, I really like it, I guess I just didn't expect purple and green, or the silver hair. It just kinda reminds me an evil Ozpin cause you really capitalized on the green eyes.  But still, it looks really good, I love it! Thank you! :D 
RevenantOfHell64 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You're quit welcome! :D

Thank you for letting me draw your character it was an honor, I totally understand about life kicking you, we get that from time to time
but we have to keep going in life, ride the whirlwind to the other side.
I also had this idea that Roman and Asher's mom had silver hair while their dad had orange hair, hence why Asher has silver hair, and since I read your emerald story that Asher was a psycho
I figured I'd give him a joker design.

Again Thank you so much for letting me draw him! :)

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NubsTheCaterpie Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Of course! :D 

You're most welcome! :D 

Seriously though, if you wanna draw any of my other characters I've put in my stories, let me know! I'd love to see more happen! :D 

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Chris-Chan2025 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
When are you updating
NubsTheCaterpie Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I just did. 

Sorry, life has been kicking my butt lately. 
RevenantOfHell64 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hey there! I like your RWBY x Male reader stories they're great :)

I especially like your RWBY OC Asher Torchwick and I was wondering if I can draw him IRL and upload the picture on my DA page, I'll give you full credit of the character and leave your page in the description once it's done.
It may take time to draw him but no rush and no pressure, I may have a depiction of what he might look like if that's ok with you? I hope you can reply cause I'm really excited to draw him! :D

P.S. Here's my OC if you want to check him out?
RWBY OC: Aaron Black by RevenantOfHell64
NubsTheCaterpie Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Life has been kicking my ass right now, so I haven't been as active. 

Yeah, sure! That'd be really cool to have someone draw an OC of mine! :D 

I haven't read my Emerald story since I wrote it, so I'm not really sure if I gave him any  noticeable qualities? But if you have a rough idea on what you think he looks like, then you draw him how you think he looks! :D 

And sure! I'll take a look at your OC :D 
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