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Hello fellow readers! This is the start to my Neon reader insert! I'm sorry this one took so long... Just a heads up, I might start actually putting permanent weapons in more of my upcoming stories (so instead of (w/n) it would be a rapier... just an example ) Like in this one... So let me know what you think about that! Also, we won't see Neon for a few parts because she doesn't really show up until volume 3, just a heads up...  But it is here! I hope you all enjoy! ONTO THE READ!


You are a wolf faunus! Your single faunus trait was your tail... You always wanted ears... But you still liked your tail none the less... You were cast aside by people who lived near you... So... When you were 5, your parents moved to Vale and got an apartment... In the hopes of a new start... And Vale was just the place for that... Growing up in Vale, and attending Signal Academy, you knew Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long very well... Heck, they were like your sisters! Professor Long (Yang's dad) and Professor Branwren (Qrow) were hesitant of you at first... Tai especially, because... He's VERY protective of his daughters... But, once they both knew you had no intention of dating them, they warmed up to you outside the classroom... You weren't the one to go out and party, but you weren't quiet... Every now and then you'd do something... You liked to read, it kept you calm, composed... And an open mind to the weapon you were building... You were now 17 years old, and getting ready to start things up at Beacon.   (From a timeline standpoint, this part will end from the same time as the Yellow trailer)


You were sitting in your room... Finishing up the final touches of your new weapon.

(y/n): A little bit of this, a little bit of that... DONE!

You stood up... Looked at it.

(y/n): That took a lot longer than expected... But it's finally done!

You looked at the ground to see your newly designed dust whip all ready to go!  It also had a finger loop to keep at least one finger on it so you didn't lose grip, and a button on the shaft to activate the dust. You already had a pistol that your dad helped you make for when you first started at Signal... But now you wanted to make another one to... Compliment your style... Anyway... You sat it right next to your pistol.

(y/n): Yup, those definitely compliment each other.

Just then, you got a knock.

(y/n): Come in.

Your dad walked in.

Dad: Dinner's almost- Hey! Look at that!

Your dad walked over and had a look.

Dad: So, how does it work?

(y/n): Well... It's simple, but effective.

Dad: Gee, I wonder whose fighting stye that sounds like?

(y/n): That's the reason I made it! Geez, ya goof.

Dad: I'm kidding son... Anyway-

(y/n): So, it's just the button on the back, and it activates whatever dust crystal I put in it... And-

Dad: So does the crystal power the whole whip?

(y/n): No, just the tip, where I have the small translucent diamond... The dust travels through the whip, and into the diamond, putting all of that dust power, into that small of a space, and will hopefully cause SERIOUS damage to Grimm.

Your dad started chuckling.

(y/n): What's so funny?

Your mom then walked in.

Mom: Hey boys- Oh (y/n), that looks great!

(y/n): Thanks mom... Why is dad laughing?

Your mom looked at your dad.

Mom: My guess is your father is having a flashback of him and his friends being perverts when they were your age.

(y/n): Gross... What would make him think of that?

Mom: Probably when you said "Just the tip"

Your dad started crying of laughter.

(y/n): Wow...

Mom: Yup... Unfortunately, he still acts like a boy.

Dad: I heard that!

Mom: Good!

You all stood there for a sec... And all laughed... You and your parents... You all had a great relationship.

Mom: Alright, I'm almost finished with dinner, so (y/n), could you please set the table?

(y/n): Sure thing.

You went out into the kitchen to set the table. As you were setting it, your dad was trying to get out of your room, and bumped into you with his tail.

Dad: Watch it bub.

(y/n): How about you watch where you swing that thing?

Dad: Hey, it's got a mind of it's own!

Your dad realizing what you both said... Your mom walked in.

Mom: What in the world were you two talking about?

(y/n): Uh, I was talking about his tail.

Mom: Oh...

(y/n): ...What?

It took you a few seconds.


Your parents were laughing their asses off... You couldn't help but chuckle a little... Your family was always goofy with each other... Whenever you yelled at each other, it was always jokingly... Anyway, you finished setting the table, and you all sat down to eat...

Their wasn't a lot of talking throughout dinner... You all just ate, and did a little bit of small talk... Afterwards, you were doing the dishes when the doorbell rang.

Mom: I'll get it.

Your mom opened the door to see a girl covered in red and brown.

Auburn: Is (y/n) home?

Mom: Oh, hello Auburn! Come in, come in... (y/n)!

You finished up the dishes and came out of the kitchen.

(y/n): Yeah mom?-... Oh hey Auburn.

Auburn was one of your friends from Signal... You two dated a year back... When it wasn't working out... You both agreed it was best to just go back to being friends... It was a mutual break up.

You and Auburn hugged.

(y/n): Is it really just you?

She gave you a sheepish look.

(y/n): Are the rest of you goons gonna come in?

Mom: (y/n), what are you talking about?

Then, 3 other people came into the house as your mom was closing the door.

Copper: Hey man!

Topaz: (y/n)! How's it going?

Yang: Oh yeah! Who's ready to party!

They all three walked in... Copper was your first friend when you moved here... He didn't care that you were a faunus... None of them cared, they all liked you just the way you were. Topaz was Copper's long time girlfriend since... Basically since childhood... They were like two peas in a pod... She was also a cat faunus, so that helped you two get along... Even though she was a cat... And you were a dog... And Yang was the first person to beat you in a sparing match... The five of you together... You were all best of friends.

Mom: I didn't know the whole gang was coming... Do you guys want anything to drink?

Topaz: Warm milk!

Auburn: Gross!... I'll take a water!

Copper: Uh... Chocolate milk?-

Yang: BEER!

Your Dad then shouted from the living room.

Dad: Me too!

You all laughed... Your mom gave Yang a look, while the four of you continued to laugh.

Yang: Strawberry sunrise?

Mom: Is alcohol the only thing you want?

The four of you kept laughing.

Yang: Apple juice?

Mom: Much better... Sweet cakes?

Then, the four of them started crying of laughter.     (lots of laughing xD)




Auburn: "Hey mom, my sweet cakes are burning"

The four of them kept laughing their asses off.

(y/n): Way to go mom...

Mom: It's the least I can do.

(y/n): Sarcasm duly noted.

Mom: Good... Anyway, what do you want to drink?

(y/n): I'll just have some water.

You all went into your room, and they all looked at the ground.

Copper: Woah dude! Nice job!

Auburn: Yeah! That looks like a it can cause some damage.

Topaz: Guess we'll have to wait till we can fight some serious Grimm!

Yang: ...I still don't think that'll help you beat me in a match.

(y/n): Very funny... Anyway... I made it specifically for Beacon... So I'll be running my pistol on my right side of my belt, and the whip on the left... That way, I can stay mobile, without the weight of a huge LMG.


Goldie was Copper's LMG... You teased him all the time about it because he would always complain about it's weight.

(y/n): I'm just saying, you always complain about how heavy it is.

Copper: Whatever... Point is, it kicks ass!

(y/n): Right... Anyway, is their a reason you all stopped by?

Copper: Really...

(y/n): What?

Topaz: You... Forgot my birthday?

You then realized it was Topaz's birthday.

(y/n): OH SHIT!

You then hear your mom yell at you from outside your room.


(y/n): Yes mom...

You looked back at Topaz.

(y/n): I'm so sorry for forgetting!... Why don't we go out, and see if any place is open, and I'll get you something.

Topaz: Oh (y/n), I was kidding... And that's not necessary-

Your dad walked straight into your room.

(y/n): Know how to knock?

Dad: Sorry, just wanted to let you know that I got called in late for work, so I won't see you for the rest of the night.

(y/n): Oh, alright.

Dad: Love you.

(y/n): Love you too Pops.

Your dad then left and he closed the door.

(y/n): Anyway, if you really don't care, we can go sit outside on the balcony.

Topaz: Ok.

The 5 of you grabbed some folding chairs you had outside, and sat them up on the small balcony, overlooking the city.

Copper: Man, I love Vale at the night time! Lights everywhere!

Auburn: Man, what's with you a bright things? You named your LMG Goldie, you like lights in the city.

Copper: My name is Copper.

(y/n): I didn't know!

Copper: Smart ass!

You all laughed a little.

Yang: Anyone up for a ride around the city?

(y/n): Not enjoying our company Yang?

Yang: I am... I just have other plans for tonight.

Copper: OOOOO, Who's the guy?

Auburn: It's probably a girl~

Yang: SHUT UP! Both of you... Geez... It's neither... I just...

You could tell something was on her mind.

(y/n): It's cool Yang, If you want a buddy to ride with, I don't mind.

Yang: Ok... Thanks (y/n).

Copper: Aw man, does that mean we have to leave?

(y/n): Don't ask me, ask my mom.

Auburn, Topaz, and Copper went in and asked my mom... You grabbed your jacket... Told your mom you wouldn't be gone long, and got ready to leave with Yang.

Auburn: We're gonna watch a movie in your room.

(y/n): Just don't trash it.

Copper: Can't make any promises.

You chuckled.... You grabbed your whip... Just in case... And then left with Yang...

You rode around the city for a little while... She then pulled over at some bar.

Yang: I've... Got some business in here... You can stay out here if you'd like.

(y/n): I mean, if you'd rather deal with it alone, then do what you gotta do.

Yang: Thanks (y/n)... You know-

(y/n): You're like family.

You hug each other.

Yang: You're like the brother I never had... But always wanted.

(y/n): Right back at ya... Now go get em... And watch the fur!

Yang: It's my hair!

(y/n): Same thing.

You two laughed... She went in, and you stayed sitting on the parked bike, waiting for her to come out... But you thought you heard small talk a few minutes after she went in... You tried to listen... It sounded like it was coming from the alleyway just behind you... You decided to dismount from the bike, and slowly walk over there... You stayed behind the wall, trying to listen in...

???: How close are we to being ready?

??: Patience, my lady needs more time... You must trust her on that... Now... Go get Adam Taurus.

???: But... The boss is still working-

??: I don't care.

You realized that this had something to do with the White Fang!... You tried to listen into the conversation more... But... The White Fang member smelled you.


??: No what?


The man said in a deep voice.

You slowly came from the corner, knowing that you were sensed... You looked at the men... The first one was wearing a White Fang outfit, also wearing a cloak... The second was just wearing a cloak.

??: My my, what do we have here?...-

The man then jump and started climbing the walls, you used your whip to try and grab him and whip him back down, but he was too fast... The White Fang member then looked at you.

???: Stay out of this boy! For your own good!

(y/n): What were you two talking about? Doesn't seem like a good business partner if he just left you like that.

Yang then came from behind you with her sister, Ruby.

Yang: (y/n), what are you doing?-... Oh...

Ruby: It's a member of the White Fang.

???: Great... Kids...

(y/n): I'd give it up if I were you!

You pull out your whip.  Yang got her gauntlets ready, and Ruby had her giant... Gardening tool?                  (lol)

???: I... WILL NOT!

The man tried the same thing... But you got this guy. You got his ankle, and he dropped to the ground instantly, thanks to the lighting dust crystal you put in it before you left... He was groaning in pain...

Ruby: Nice (y/n)!... Is that a new weapon?

Yang: Yeah! Way to go (y/n)!

You started walking over to the man.

(y/n): Told ya to give up.

???: Ow...-

He then went to punch you, but you jumped to the side, and used your tail to whip him hard enough in the face to take his mask off.

(y/n): Like I said-...

Yang and Ruby looked at each other... then back to you... And you kept staring... At the White Fang member... Without his mask.

???: ...

(y/n): ...I can't believe you! How could you do this?!

???: ...

(y/n): ...I can't believe YOU!

You ran off... Yang and Ruby followed behind you... Tears were running down your face as you ran through the city... Because that man in the mask...

Was your father...


Thank you all for reading! Let me know what you think! :happybounce: I see a lot of parts coming for this one!
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