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Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Finale!
Hello all! Thank you all for reading! This is the finale for this story until I start updating my older stories to Volume 4, then I will update this one as well... So this isn't the "real" finale, just the end for now ;)
Anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed this! ONTO THE READ!
You pulled your second scroll out of your back pocket... Goodwitch and Ironwood looked confused... But not Ozpin.
Ozpin: You don't have to answer that at the moment, I'll let him know you were "unavailable"
(y/n): ...You know who this is?
Ozpin sipped his coffee.
Ozpin: Yes... A former student here, but we've kept in touch.
(y/n): I'm gonna assume he's my "partner"
Ozpin: Yes, I think it will take the both of you to make sure the contact is ok.
You just looked at the capsule... Then walked past the General, and walked up to it... You placed your hand on the glass, and shed a tear.
(y/n): ...
Ozpin: We'll give you a
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Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 5!
Sorry for the few days of wait, but here is part 5! Enjoy! :D
You, Nora, Ren, Aqua, Scarlet, and Jak were at a regular restaurant in Vale as the broken moon touched the sky.
Scarlet: So then Aqua jumped behind (y/n), who was just wearing his swimming trunks!
(y/n): Hey! You didn't have to tell them THAT story.
Aqua: Yeah!... Besides, (y/n) and I have our own story about you two.
Scarlet: Wait, you do?
You and Aqua snickered.
(y/n): So there Aqua and I were, we were walking around the emerald forest for our first year field trip.
Scarlet and Jak blushed when they realized what story you were going to tell.
Aqua: (y/n) and I were looking around, because Jak and Scarlet weren't around for some reason.
(y/n): And when we were looking for them, we saw them behind a tree, making out!
Nora laughed.
Ren: That wasn't a very good hiding spot then I take it?
Jak: Nope.
The waiter then
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Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 4!
This is a slightly longer part, but I don't think you'll mind ;) ONTO THE READ! :D
You were walking out of your second year class with your team.
(y/n): Man, I just want to go to bed!
Scarlet: You said it!
Jak: I'm just happy that it's the weekend! We have the rest of today! Then Saturday and Sunday to relax!
You looked at the training facility though... You knew that you should go and workout since you promised Amber you'd get stronger... For her... You then felt a tap on the shoulder.
Aqua: (y/n), you alright?
(y/n): Huh? Y-yeah, I'm fine.
You all continued to walk back to the dorm.
Scarlet: So, you excited to see who's your secret admirer tonight?
(y/n): Eh, I can't imagine someone wanting to be with me.
Aqua: Well, you're nice.
Jak: And you can be funny at times.
Scarlet: But... You'll always be... FUNNY LOOKING! BWAHAHA
Scarlet started laughing her ass off, you proceeded to chase h
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Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 3!
Goodwitch: ...WHAT?!
Ozpin: You heard him right Glynda.
Goodwitch: B-but, how?!
(y/n): Oh, I love the words of encouragement.
You said in a very snarky, sarcastic tone.
Goodwitch: ... So... Amber is your older sister?
(y/n): Yeah.
Goodwitch: And you had just finished your first year here before she was attacked.
(y/n): Yeah.
Goodwitch: Did you go to Signal?
(y/n): No-
Ozpin: Amber asked me if she could train him until he was old enough to attend Beacon.
Goodwitch looked back at you.
Goodwitch: Well she didn't do that great of a job-
(y/n): My sister trained her ASS off every day for you people!
Goodwitch was startled by your outrage, but you had enough of Professor Goodwitch's criticism.
(y/n): My sister asked Professor Ozpin to train me because she didn't trust anyone else to... She had to train me AND she had to keep herself in combat shape, on top of doing her best to stay hidden from the world!
Goodwitch: ...But she's
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Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 2!
I'm happy everyone enjoyed part 1! Let's get to it! ONTO THE READ!
Ozpin: ...And why do you want to leave?
(y/n): You've seen me fight, I can't do anything!
You turned your head from Ozpin.
Ozpin: ...Would your sister want you to give up?
You looked back at him.
(y/n): What?
Ozpin: Your sister... Would she want you to give up?
(y/n): ...N-no, she wouldn't... But I haven't gotten any better.
Ozpin: Have you really even tried?
(y/n): ...I guess not...
Ozpin stood up.
Ozpin: Look... I understand you've been in this "funk" since... The "incident"... But you can't let this slow you down... If anything, you should be trying to get stronger, faster.
(y/n): Yeah, well... It just got harder... I only have one sword now.
Ozpin: So... That which doesn't kill us... Makes us stronger...
You looked at him.
Ozpin: I can't imagine what you're going through... Nor do I want to... But I still want to help
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Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 1!
Hello all! This is the start of my Nora x male reader! I hope you all enjoy it! Let's get started! ONTO THE READ! 
You're a second year at Beacon academy... You are the leader of your team... But, that wasn't anything to boast about... Your team was... Under leveled so to speak... You and your team tried everything to improve... But in your class of second year teams, you were the worst... Maybe even worse than the new first years that just showed up... The four of you were moved back down to the first year level combat class, since all the teams in their second year were kicking your butt... You felt bad, and felt like you let your team down... Professor Ozpin decided to give your team one last chance to prove that you and your team belonged at Beacon. 
You were on your way back to your dorm to deliver the news to your team, and classes started tomorrow... 
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Ahsoka Tano x Male EX Bounty Hunter! Healing.Part2
Hopefully everyone enjoyed part 1! This is part 2, and the final part… So I hope you guys are ready! (BTW, this part is longer than part 1) 
Ahsoka slowly rose out of the huge bed she slept in... She stretched her arms, and looked out the big window in the room... She got up, only to realize she wasn't properly dressed, so she jumped back into the bed... She then noticed the bedroom had a bathroom and shower in it. 
Ahsoka: Oh... I hope he doesn't mind if I use this. 
Ahsoka got out of bed again, and went to the bathroom, and took a shower... 
*15 minutes later*
Ahsoka got out of the shower, and grabbed a towel that was on the back of the door... She dried herself off, and then got dressed... She then walked out of the room, and to the living room... Only to see that you weren't there... 
She looked around the room for a little bit... Even calling your name.
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Yang cheater x Male x Winter! Mistakes! Finale!
Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you've all enjoyed it! Remember, this isn't the REAL finale, because I'll be continuing it onto Volume 4, like most of my RWBY stories! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! ONTO THE READ! 
You waited up for Winter for a while, but she must've been out for some time... You decided after a while to get some sleep... 
You slowly start to wake up... You moved your leg, and felt another leg, that wasn't yours... You open your eyes to see the beautiful Winter Schnee, sleeping next to you. 
You smiled, you didn't want to wake her, but you did notice she was curling into a ball under the covers... You decided to try and warm her up without waking her, although, you'd most likely wake her up anyway... You scoot closer to her, and in doing so, noticed that she had on a too-small white tank top and white panties... You blushed at
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Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Finale!
Thank you all so much for reading! As most of you may know, this is not the "finale", simply just a stopping point at Volume 3, then I'll be continuing all of the RWBY stories I can into Volume 4... 
(y/n): ...So what now? 
Dark (y/n): What now? You tell me. 
You got up, and looked at the door. 
(y/n): Better leave before the VPD arrive. 
Dark (y/n): That's a good start. 
You walk out of the cafe, and turned the corner RIGHT when the Vale Police arrived. 
(y/n): That was close. 
Dark (y/n): Just a little bit
You were walking down a small alleyway by the cafe. 
(y/n): So... Who is... Salem. 
Dark (y/n): ... Well... Last time I checked, she was trying to take over Remnant. 
Your face turned blue.
(y/n): Great... So my mother is the devil then? 
Dark (y/n): I guess you could say that. 
(y/n): ...Why did she do this to me? 
Dark (y/n): B
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Ahsoka Tano x Male EX Bounty Hunter! Healing.Part1
Hello all! This is my 500 watcher special! Just to be extra nice, I'm going to make this 2 parts, instead of making it a one shot :D ... Either way, this takes place AFTER Ashoka leaves the Jedi Order, but still during the Clone Wars since their were episodes planed for us to see what Ashoka was doing after she left, but they had to quickly end the Clone Wars after Disney bought it, so we never got to see it... So I thought I might as well do my own take on it, since this is the closest thing we'll get to something like that... Anyway, enough talking, I hope you enjoy it! ONTO THE READ! 
You are an EX Bounty Hunter... You were a bounty hunter for 4 years and started at 13 years old (meaning you're 17 years old during the story) ...You stopped because the war was starting to get in the way... The more missions you took on, if it was protecting cargo, or assassinating someone, it started to get in the way of the Jedi... And you didn't want to have to go toe-to-toe w
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Yang cheater x Male x Winter! Mistakes! Part 8
Sorry for the wait, but part 8 is here!!!! Let's find out if (y/n) and Winter will make up! ONTO THE READ!
???: ...(y/n).
You heard a voice calling your name.
???: ...(y/n)!
You tossed to one side...
???: ...(Y/N)!!!!
You jolted up... But... You weren't in the bedroom... You were sitting in a chair... In a dark room, with a single light hanging in front of you.
(y/n): What the?-
You then covered your mouth, and a tear streamed down your face.
(y/n): M-my voice! It's back!!!
You got up from the chair, and jumped up and down, you were so happy you could hear your own voice again... You then looked around.
(y/n): Hello? Anyone there?
???: Come to me child.
You saw a shadowed figure walk towards you.
(y/n): Who are you? How is my voice back? Where am I?
The figure sighed.
???: In time... You will know.
The figure walked over, and touched your head... Y
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Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 8
That's right guys! I'm back! After getting some things sorted out, I, the great and almighty Caterpie have returned! Now, hold onto your buns, cause we getting on to the good stuff :D
You slowly wake up to the sun just touching your face... You also felt the body of a goddess wrapped around you... Coco Adel had her whole body on you, and you couldn't help but... Well... Get excited.
You blushed at the sight of nearly naked Coco on top of you... You tried not to think about it, but how could you not? You went from working for survival... Now you were sleeping in a comfy bed, with a goddess of a girlfriend... Things were really turning around...It's like you went from... Rags to Riches...
You kept looking at sleeping Coco, as she peacefully slept on your chest... You turned your head to see the other 3 were also fast asleep... You couldn't help but kiss Coco's forehead, which woke
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 76 131
Yang cheater x Male x Winter! Mistakes! Part 7
This one is also getting close to the end... But I hope you're all enjoying it! :D ONTO THE READ!
You had immediately started training with Winter... For physical work, as well as trying to get your voice back... At first... You couldn't even make a sound... But... Now, you were able to grunt (some progress, right?)... You knew you may not get your voice back for well over 10+ years... But you were determined to try your hardest... You still don't regret anything from that night... Everything you had to go through that entire day... It was a day you would never forget... You got Winter to call your father and tell him the situation, since... Ya know... You can't talk and all... Your father was scared, but also relieved that you were ok, for the most part... Regardless, Winter started training you in your spee
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 83 111
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 7
You walked out of Goodwitch's class... You looked outside, seeing if you could see Jet... But no, you couldn't find him around... You saw that all the first years were leaving for their missions, and you were walking back to your dorm, hoping to see Jet there... But... Jet was nowhere to be found...
(y/n): Where could he have gone?
You decided to just wait around the room for a little bit to see if he would come back...
But... Jet never came back...
6:00 PM.
You decided you had waited for Jet long enough... You decided to walk around campus for a bit, maybe you could find him just talking to someone or even walking around himself.
You get to one of the fountains, and look around to see if you can see him... But no luck... Then, you bumped into a certain someone getting off a bullhead.
Coco: Hey (y/n).
You looked over, and saw that Coco was getting off a bullhead with the rest of her team.
(y/n): H-hey Coco.
Coco: Still nerv
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Yang cheater x Male x Winter! Mistakes! Part 6
I got nothing to say ;) ... ONTO THE READ!
You faintly heard someone saying your name.
It started to get a little louder.
You almost IMMEDIATELY jolt from where you were... In a hospital bed?
You were then pressed back on the bed.
Ironwood: Nurse, hold him down.
A Nurse and a Doctor pushed you back down to relax on the bed... Then another nurse came in and gave you a shot.
Ironwood: You'll be up in a few hours (y/n).
You slowly started to fade back to sleep... Feeling a sting in your throat...
You slowly wake up to a darkened hospital room... You feel sensors all over your body... You look down at your bare chest, and see the sensors.
(y/n) (thinking) : What the?
You had forgotten what you did... You looked at the clock in the room.
6:00 AM.
You then realized something... And that's when you remembered what happened... You saved Winter's life... As far as you knew anyway... T
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Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 6
This is slowly coming to an end :( and I feel like I just started this... Anyway, probably a few more parts left to go... ONTO THE READ!
4:30 AM.
You slowly start to wake up... You immediately regret not making it to your bed, because your back was killing you from sleeping on the floor.
(y/n): Well that was stupid... Huh?!
You couldn't believe what you were seeing... You rubbed your eyes a few times... She was still there... Coco Adel... She was sitting at your desk chair, fast asleep.
(y/n): H-how did she get in?
You slowly got up, and tried not to wake her up...
You looked at the dress she was in.
(y/n) (thinking) : Man... She looks beautiful...
You decided that she would probably have a sore neck and back if she stayed in that position for too much longer... So you slowly picked her up, and carried her to your bed... You took her heels off, and took her sunglasses and hat off... Man... You couldn't get over how beautifu
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Force Sensitive. Ahsoka Tano X Male Reader 3.
Who is ready for more Star Wars?????
As training continued for you it started to get harder and harder, but today Yoda told you that you were going on a mission with Anakin and Ahsoka. You were extremely excited about being on a mission with your girlfriend but you were also nervous about Anakin. The mission was that the Sith lord Count Dooku had been spotted coming and going from Planet Geonosis. You and the other two were tasked to find out why and if possible apprehend the count.
Your ship had just gotten out of hyperspace and began to float in space just outside the atmosphere of Geonosis, you took a transport ship with ten troopers while Anakin and Ahsoka took an identical one with another ten troopers including captain Rex. When you touched down on the dusty ground you waved your hand and used the force to cover your eyes from the flying sand.
“Right reports say that the counts last location was two clicks North of here, we can’t
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Coco Adel x Reader - Arrows and Shells Part 3
Hello all! Part 3 is here! And this will feature some action finally! :D Anyways let’s continue from the last part! Allons-y!
You stared dead ahead at the giant scorpion grimm in front of you. The many red eyes seemed to pierce your soul as the tail would.
(Y/n): Great… knew it was a bad thing when that plant twitched…
You looked behind and saw some trees and a cliff at the end of it.
(Y/n): I could either lead it off the edge, or fall off myself… Let’s take the risk for the day.
You ran with the deathstalker close behind. You used your power to load a black arrow and turned around and released the arrow. Unfortunately, the arrow wasn’t able to hit a weak spot on the deathstalkers armor.
(Y/n): Of all the times to have horrible aim!
You quickly dodged a swing from the scorpion's pincers and backflipped over another attack. As y
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 3 6
Force Sensitive. Ashoka Tano X Male Reader 2.
It has been a week since (Y/N) was accepted into the Jedi order, over that time Yoda had him get acquainted with Anakin and Ahsoka as well as Obi-Wan. Yoda had also focused his training for (Y/N) more on the side of the force than how to use a light saber. This didn’t bother (Y/N) though as he snuck out of his room at night to practice with his gauntlet saber, as well as target practice with the gauntlet’s DT-12 form. He himself didn’t know it but multiple pairs of eyes were watching his practice sessions that he held by himself at night nor did he realize that he was such a good shot having only missed a few since he started, his saber training was coming along steadily but he wasn’t happy with that, he wanted to be stronger to be better… That was his flaw.
Right now Yoda had (Y/N) meditating in one of the many rooms at the temple, (Y/N) sat cross-legged and eyes closed as he focused.
“Feel what do you?” asked Yoda
“I feel the power of t
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 22 16
Force Sensitive. Ahsoka Tano X Male Reader
Hey my dudes i wanted to do an Ahsoka story since the idea's been in my head for a while and i thought that since NubsTheCaterpie is doing an Ahsoka story now might be a good time to do mine. hope you enjoy
Growing up on the darker, unfriendly side of Courscant was enough to turn anyone into a darker person, (Y/N) Frey was no acceptation, having grown up around other hardened criminals he too found himself amidst their ranks. But unlike other criminals the criminals (Y/N) found himself dealing with were made up of ranks and guilds where the masters ran everything like businesses offering apprenticeship to promising students. (Y/N) was found living off of the streets trying to feed his younger sister who was only 7 by stealing from others and grabbing whatever he could, (Y/N) himself was only 10 when Neal Dasker, the Guild Master for the Thief’s Guild only bare
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 26 16
Mature content
The Mobster and The Knight :iconfionalina:FionaLina 2 3
Neon Sound Ch. 1 (Neon Katt x Faunus!MaleReader)
Faunus are often seen as a minority throughout most of Remnant, save for Menagerie. Despite this, however, many Faunus are able to make a name for themselves. Plenty of Faunus have become Huntsmen or Huntresses that people look up to and others, having seen both sides of the Faunus story, make rather successful politicians. You, on the other hand, have made a name for yourself in a different way. You were sitting in your room, the hustle and bustle of downtown Patch passing by your window as you surfed the web on your laptop. The house-wide stereo system was playing a song from your upcoming album as you answered today’s chunk of fan mail.
(A/N): Startin' out Smooth
Even though you were only 18 you had made a name for yourself as Beowulf, one of the youngest DJs in Vale. It started out mostly online and as you grew in popularity you were asked to play in a few clubs around Vale, after that your dad brought some of your tracks to an old
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 50 19
Mature content
Big Daddy OC x Ruby Rose :iconfionalina:FionaLina 5 10
male wolf faunus oc x cheater weiss x glynda
James was trudging through the snow as the tears that were streaming down his cheeks were frozen to his face. He kept thinking the same question over and over,'Why did she do it?' He sniffles, 'Wasn't I good enough?' He sees the park and walks into it then sits down on a bench. He pulls his knees close and weeps as he just found out the girl he had been dating had cheated on him. Weiss was her name and when he first saw her his heart beat raced quickly. When they became friends he was happy. But when they became he couple his heart soared like an eagle. That all changed when he found her making out with the one guy he thought was his friend. He saw her kissing Neptune the guy he met on the way here to the academy. He and Neptune got along great and he never thought he would do this. James then gets up and heads home. He reaches home and opens the door and locks it. He walks to his room then collapses on his bed and drifts off into a dreamless sleep.
The next morning he got up and got r
:iconfionalina:FionaLina 3 4
I Remember... (Blake x Male Reader)
"Hey... Remember me?"

"Remember the times we've spent together, how much fun we had..."
"Hey Blake..." (y/n) said as he looked at the black haired girl and smiled.
"What is it?" She replied as she looked up from her book.
"I was thinking..."
"Oh no..."
"Why don't you smile often? I mean, come on Blake! Do me a favor, smile!"
Blake gave a small chuckle to (y/n)'s request. However despite chuckling, she never really did give so much as a small smile. No matter how much (y/n) asked and asked and asked, she would never smile. It was probably just something she doesn't do often, but even so, (y/n) never stopped trying.
"Remember how I tried to make you smile? I wouldn't stop trying 'till you did, but you never did smile, so I never did stop..."
"I remembered pulling you in for games that I played, they were so much fun for me so I wanted to see if they could make you smile..."

Blake was calmly sitting down on a cafe, reading a book before s
:iconredeyedghoul:RedEyedGhoul 80 43
Coco Adel x Reader - Arrows and Shells Part 2
Hello everyone! Even though my last story didn’t get much attention, I’m still gonna write this because perhaps SOMEONE out there will want to read this. Also quick note to mention, semblances for this story will be different from the original. For the characters semblances, it a powerful ability they can use to even the scales. These can’t be used over and over again unlike Blake’s shadow or Weiss’ glyphs. You’ll understand once you read the story. So without further ado, let’s get into part 2 of the story!
(Your POV)
I slowly open my eyes to see light coming in through the windows. I sluggishly put myself in a sitting position and wipe my eyes with my fist before letting out a yawn. Stretching a bit, I look around and notice a bunch of sleeping bags in my house.
(Y/n): What the…
Then I remembered. We’re at B
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 4 6
Coco Adel x Reader - Arrows and Shells Part 1
Hello everyone! This is my first public fanfiction shared! And it will be an interesting one as well, me and my good friend, Belgianwaffles2k, will be doing a joint fanfiction. What that means is that we’ll have different characters and views, but it will be in the same story and setting. It will be interesting. For my fanfiction I’m doing a Coco Adel x Female! Reader story! Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think! Oh! And if you want to know what the characters look like, just google their names. I am horrible at describing things ;-;  RWBY, Art and Blizzard characters do not belong to me and neither do you! All rights go to respected creators.
You were born, you know that much. You don’t remember much about your infant life or childhood, or you just choose to not remember it. You only remember your full name, which
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 4 20
Blake x Depressed!Reader Toughen Up (3)
A lone man, sitting in the chair next to his desk, stared at the statistics of the latest dust shipments from the mines on his computer. It had taken weeks to cultivate all that dust, and to schedule where it would be distributed. Gravely, he thought of what would happen after his superiors found out about the delay in their deliveries, and he hoped it wouldn't get as bad as to have him fired. Running a tired hand over his face he felt himself unable to think about his superiors without getting a massive headache from stress and frustration. Security on their daily patrol around the dust warehouse had reported no suspicious signs and the cameras lacked visible evidence of a personage entering their warehouse. They did, however, find one of the warehouse doors opening by itself with no observable cause. Naturally rumors had already spread within the locker rooms of local security and warehouse workers claiming it to be the work of a cunning Grimm. 
Considering that most Grimm were
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 81 75
Blake x Depressed!Reader Toughen Up (2)
(A gentle reminder that this is an AU so not everything will be the same.)
(Y/N) was not happy in the least. Firstly, he hadn't been happy in a while, but right now he was really unhappy. Far more than usual. It was probably because his father had beat the living snot out of him during training, bruising up his skin til purple splotches were littered across his arms, and reminding him on how rusty his sparring skills are. He hadn't had a fist fight in a while and Taiyang just made him realize how much practice was really vital to keeping his skills up to date. Even so it didn't help that his father had taunted him throughout the entire thing, throwing (Y/N) into a embarrassing moment of fury, where he had actually reached out to grab his father's neck in an attempt to choke him.
He had choked someone before. A kid who had called his sister Ruby an idiot. Of course he had done it behind the girl's back so (Y/N) took it upon himself to defend her h
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 85 65
Blake x Depressed!Reader Toughen Up (1)
(The following is from the franchise RWBY. I do not own RWBY. This is also an AU.)
How long had he been here?

Time spun so slowly. The second hand turned in a rhythmic pattern, one that was quite annoying, the sound almost like torture the longer he heard it. Watching the clock would just make time feel slower, he knew this, but it didn't stop him from sinking his eyes into both the clock's hands. The teacher had yet to notice his obvious lack of attention for his eyes had never even touched the board for the hour he had been in the classroom. If one looked closely they could notice the same behavior with the other students. The teacher's boring monotone voice lulled students to sleep and a yawn or two could be heard every five minutes. (Y/N) himself found a yawn escaping his mouth every now and then. Learning how to collect and mine dust was incredibly boring. He knew he would regret signing up for the dust course but he didn't have very many options. It was either the w
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 108 56
Asuna Yuuki x Male Reader(Remastered) - Part I
Nishitokyo, Tokyo
SAO Survivor School

*You enter the classroom *
Klein: *Notices you* Morning, (M/n)!!
You: *You hear Klein and look at him* Morning, Klein. *You walk over to your seat and sit down*
Klein: Hey, have ya seen Kirito lately?
You: *You shook your head in response* No, why?
Klein: Haven't you heard? He's been absent from school since last week.
You: *Your eyes widen in shock and disbelief* Really?
Klein: *Nods in confirmation* Yup.
You: Strange. *You look to an empty chair to your right* Where's Asuna? She's usually here waiting for class to start.
Klein: Oh, she's at home. *You look at Klein upon hearing this* Lis told me Asuna decided to skip school today because she wasn't feeling well.
You: Is she sick?
Klein: *Shrugs* Possible.
Homeroom Teacher: Everyone take your seats, please. *You and everyone else sit down*
You: Hey Klein.
Klein: *Klein looks at you* Yeah?
You: Is Asuna absent for today only? Or has this been going on lon
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 46 7
SAO: Lisbeth x Male!Reader: Body Heat (3)
Sword Art Online Fanfic
Lisbeth x Reader
Body Heat
Chapter 3: Hot Food, Hot Bath
Written by Cyberweasel89

August 20th, 2024
Lindarth, 48th Floor of Aincrad
Lisbeth's Smith Shop
Lisbeth's bare feet padded along the floor of her forge as she paced back and forth.
"Okay, Rika. Try to stay cool. Take stock of the situation. You met a cute boy while out gathering materials. You invited him home. He used your bath and now he's making you dinner in just a towel..."
Okay, zen thoughts. Zen thoughts. As Lisbeth paced back and forth, she noted the jostling motion of her bust. While there was no pain in Sword Art Online, Lisbeth's pacing made her uncomfortably aware that she wasn't wearing a bra right now. Just a camisole and PJ pants. Should she change into something more presentable? Oh, but she didn't want you to think she was dressing up for you... Eep! Or worse, slipping into something more comfortable! And
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Hello all! Thank you all for reading! This is the finale for this story until I start updating my older stories to Volume 4, then I will update this one as well... So this isn't the "real" finale, just the end for now ;)

Anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed this! ONTO THE READ!


You pulled your second scroll out of your back pocket... Goodwitch and Ironwood looked confused... But not Ozpin.

Ozpin: You don't have to answer that at the moment, I'll let him know you were "unavailable"

(y/n): ...You know who this is?

Ozpin sipped his coffee.

Ozpin: Yes... A former student here, but we've kept in touch.

(y/n): I'm gonna assume he's my "partner"

Ozpin: Yes, I think it will take the both of you to make sure the contact is ok.

You just looked at the capsule... Then walked past the General, and walked up to it... You placed your hand on the glass, and shed a tear.

(y/n): ...

Ozpin: We'll give you a few minutes, just meet us in the front of the main office when you're... Ready...

The three of them got on the elevator, and left the dark, cold room to yourself...

(y/n): ... If only you could open your eyes Amber...

You put your second hand on the glass.

(y/n): I've become so much stronger... Just like you wanted...

Another tear fell.

(y/n): I just... Wish you could see me now...

And another.

(y/n): We could train together... And I'd be able to keep up with you...


(y/n): And we could make meals and have fun like we used to... With all the fruit you used to pick...

More... More and more, until it was uncontrollable sobbing.

(y/n): Amber! Wake up! Please! I n-need you! COME BACK!

You hugged the glass, tears flowing out of your eyes like a river.

(y/n): ...Amber...

But nothing... Not so much as a sigh or small shake... Amber was unresponsive... You stood there for a few more minutes, sobbing your eyes out...



You then kissed the glass.

(y/n): I love you big sis... I will find who did this to you... And end them...

You then let go, looked towards the elevator doors... And didn't look back...


Ironwood: Do you think he'll be able to find Qrow?

Ozpin: I'm not sure... With Entity's help, it gives them a better chance.

Ironwood: Entity? He the former student?

Ozpin: Yes, he's been... Busy since he left.

Goodwitch: I didn't think-

That's when you exited the elevator... The three of them looked at you... It was obvious that you had just cried...

Ozpin: Are you... Alright?

(y/n): ...I'm fine... What now?

Ozpin sighed.

Ozpin: Go back to your dorm, and pack up what you need... This should be easy since the rest of your team is in class.

(y/n): ...If I can't tell them... What will you say when they ask?

Ozpin looked away.

Ozpin: ...That I sent you on a urgent mission... And will be back in a few days time.

(y/n): And if it takes longer to find this "contact"?

Ozpin: Then you will let me know.  

(y/n): I guess.

You just looked away.

(y/n): Alright... I'll go get my things...

You left the main part of the office, and walked back to your dorm...

When you got there, you looked around... You walked over to your bag... You packed an extra pair of clothes just in case, and a few snacks you kept in the room... You grabbed your sharpening stone for your katana, and threw that in as well... You then grabbed your katana, and sheathed it on the side of the bag... You changed out of your academy clothes for your huntsman clothes... Now... You were ready...

You were about to leave the room... When you quickly grabbed a sticky note from Aqua's desk, and wrote a quick note.

"Shouldn't be gone long, don't have too much fun without me" -(y/n).

You put it on Aqua's desk, and left the room...

You left the dorm hall, and you saw Ozpin, Goodwitch, and Ironwood standing by one of the main platforms with a bullhead waiting.

You walked towards them... But as you were... You got tackled from behind.

Nora: Where do you think you're going silly? You should be in class!

You turned around... Nora instantly saw that you had been previously been crying, and her silly personality instantly turned to worry...

Nora: W-what's wrong pumpkin?!

You turned away... You saw Ozpin, Goodwitch, and Ironwood walking towards the two of you... Team RWBY and JNPR were behind you as well.

Ozpin: Excuse me Miss Valkyrie, but (y/n) has... Business to take care of...

Nora: Business?... And without his team?

Ozpin: Yes... Now... shouldn't you 8 be in class?

Ruby: Well, this is our free period right now... Our next class doesn't start for another half an hour.

Ozpin sipped his coffee.

Goodwitch: Regardless, I don't think-

Ozpin: Glynda, let the students have a moment with Mr. (l/n).

The three of them went back to the platform... It was now you, team RWBY, and team JNPR.

Nora: What kind of business?

(y/n): ...It's... Nothing.

Nora: Come on, you can tell me...

(y/n): ...No... I can't.

Nora was a little surprised.

(y/n): ... I'm sorry for being blunt and secretive... But I can't tell you Nora...

You hugged her... The rest of them weren't really sure what's going on.

Nora: You... Better be back for the dance in 2 days.

(y/n): I will, don't worry.

You then looked into each others eyes... You then turned around and saw that Ozpin was tapping his foot.

(y/n): ...I gotta go.

Nora was a little hesitant to let you go...

Nora: ...Hey.

You turned around back to her... And she kissed your lips.

Soft... Tender... Sweet... Her lips on yours felt like pure love... It was your first kiss... And it was the most amazing thing... You wrapped your arms around her waist, as she wrapped hers around your neck... After a few seconds of that, and hearing Ruby say "ew" you two broke the kiss.

Nora: BE careful stud stuff!

Your seriousness went away, and you chuckled.

(y/n): Alright Nora.

You hugged her one last time, and walked away from the her and the rest of them... You walked towards the bullhead where Ozpin and the other two were...

Ozpin: Your partner will be meeting you in a small town on the side of Haven.

(y/n): Haven?! How the hell am I going to get there?!

Ozpin: We've gotten you a ticket for a ferry by the docks to take you there.

He handed it to you... You looked at it.

(y/n): ...So you've had this planned?

Ozpin: Yes... But we just didn't know who to send.

(y/n): I see...

You got on the bullhead.

Ozpin: Your ferry leaves from Vale in 30 minutes...

You nodded.

Ozpin: Please return here with the contact as soon as possible.

(y/n): Wait, how will I know who the contact is?

Ozpin: Your partner will fill you in.

(y/n): Great, more secret shit.

The bullhead doors started to close as the ship started to take off... You looked and waved to Nora as the bullhead got higher in the air...

When the bullhead doors finally closed... You sat down on the ground of the bullhead, and thought about the dance... Dancing with Nora... All of the happy thoughts with Nora rushed through your head... But... Little did you know... That... Was the last time you'd get to see her... See everyone...


You made it to your ferry with plenty of time to spare, and you were on your way... The ferry ride would take a whole day to get to to where you needed to go...


You woke up once the ferry hit land... You walked off the ferry and looked at your scroll map.

(y/n): ... Alright, should only take a few hours to get to that small town outside of Haven...

You walked into a small gift shop, bought a few more snacks, and started walking...


You made it to the small town around the early evening... You looked around for a moment... It was a quiet little place... You saw a shadowed figure standing under one of the light posts... You looked over at it... And the figure started walking towards you... You didn't know if this was your partner, the contact, or hell, someone trying to mug you!  So you put your hand on your katana handle to show you meant business if he tried to attack you... But, the figure just kept walking... He extended his hand towards you when he was a few steps away.

???: We should get out of the public view.

He then turned around, and started walking towards a building... You assumed this was your partner Professor Ozpin told you about...

He walked into the building, and you followed behind him... He went up a few flights of stairs, and opened a door on the right... You went into the room with him, and he then took his cloak off and turned to you...

He was interesting looking to say the least.

He had a fair amount of black hair sticking up, and a few scars on his face... But what surprised you was his left eye was red... And his right was orange, definitely not something you see everyday...

(y/n): So... You like the color black?

You looked at him again, because he was wearing all black... Black boots, black sweater, black pants... Everything... He then shuffled around.

???: Where are those... Ah! found em!

He picked up some pair of sunglasses and put them over his eyes... He then walked back over to you.

???: My name is Entity... I'll be your partner for finding Qrow.

(y/n): Qrow? Is he the contact?

Entity: Yeah, sit down, I've got to catch you up on some things.

Entity pointed to a chair, in which you sat, and he caught you up on the details...



Entity: So we need to make sure Qrow is alright... He's known for going "off the books"... But for something that means this much... I'm just not sure.

(y/n): Yeah... How... Did you get into all of this?

Entity chuckled.

Entity: I was... The oddball when I went to Beacon Academy... Not liked due to my eye colors, and my love for wearing black... My team wasn't even a huge fan of me... So, I left the academy after my third year, and I've been working for Professor Ozpin on the outside for the past few years.

(y/n): Huh... I knew this maiden thing was a big deal... I never expected it to be this big.

Entity: Yeah, well... It is...

(y/n): ...Back when we talked a while ago... You said you knew my sister.

Entity looked at you.

Entity: ...Amber was the only person who was nice to me during my days at Beacon.

(y/n): Amber went to Beacon?

Entity: Not as a student, but she was there a lot due to Ozpin training her to control her powers.

(y/n): Professor Ozpin? Training Amber?

Entity slightly chuckled.

Entity: Believe it or not, Professor Ozpin is the greatest huntsman I've ever met...

(y/n): I see...

Entity: Anyway... Amber was always so kind... She even spoke of you a few times, that's how I knew how to find you...

(y/n): ...Do you know what they're gonna try and do.

Entity's face had nothing but seriousness all over it now.

Entity: Yeah... My opinion? It's a stupid idea that will probably get Amber and the donor person killed.

(y/n): ...You and me both.

You two looked around his room for a moment.

Entity: So, you just got that katana?

(y/n): Yeah, why?

Entity: Oh, no reason.

Entity then looked out his window, and you continued to look around the room...

Entity: ...How tired are you?

(y/n): Sorry?

Entity: How tired are you?

(y/n): Not too tired I suppose... Although, I did spend half the day getting here.

Entity: Well... It's 4... You can take a power nap on the couch if you'd like... We're gonna leave and start looking for Qrow at around 8.

(y/n): Alright.

You put your bag on by the couch, and you laid down on the couch... You then realized you had that second scroll in your back pocket, so you pulled it out, got up, and walked over to Entity.

(y/n): I believe this is yours.

He just looked at it.

Entity: ...Keep it, you never know when you might need it.

You just shrugged, and went back to the couch to get some rest in before you started looking for Qrow...





*shrug shrug*

(y/n): Wha?

Entity: Wake up, it's 8.

You slowly rose up from the couch, and looked at Entity... Who was now wearing a black coat instead of his cloak...

You grabbed your katana, and put it on your back.

(y/n): We'll be coming back here right?

Entity: Yeah... Probably not till tomorrow.

(y/n): Alright.

You decided to leave your bag at the room, since you knew you'd be back...

You two left the room, and looked around the small town, which now looked like a ghost town.

Entity: Alright, let's head towards the forest.

Entity started walking towards the forest, and you followed.

(y/n): So, what's the plan?

Entity: Qrow last made contact when he was right outside Haven... This forest is a straight path to Haven... So-

(y/n): Either he was captured or-

Entity: He's staking out around here... Regardless, Oz wouldn't let me check on my own, which is why you're here.

(y/n): Just in case the enemy has him?

Entity: Yeah... Whoever they are.

(y/n): Yeah... They'll pay for what they did to my sister.

Entity: I'll help you return the favor.

You nodded, and smiled at Entity... He was a somewhat mysterious person, but he was cool, and seemed really smart... And you didn't mind that he liked all black, or that his eyes were different colors... In fact, you thought it was pretty cool.

You and Entity walked through this forest for about an hour, looking and observing for any hint or sign of Qrow... But nothing... Until-

(y/n): I think I hear-

Entity: People.

Entity then rushed through a beaten path in the forest, and you quickly followed behind him.

When you two were about to come out of the path, you saw a man in black, white, and a red cape arguing with a bigger male in mostly brown, and a man with... An interesting mustache to say the least.

Entity: Qrow!

Entity rushed to Qrow's side, and you did as well.

Qrow: What are you doing here?! And who's this?!

???: Ah, thank you boy, it seems you've made my job easier.

The man with the weird mustache looked at you.

He then pulled out two stun guns... Qrow pulled out is sword, so you followed suit and did the same... Entity got into a fighting stance, as did the bigger male on the other side.

Hazel: How should we do this Watts?

Watts: Take those two... That one's mine.

Hazel walked towards Qrow and Entity... Watts walked towards you.

Watts: So... You must Amber's brother.

Your face then turned red... From pure rage...

(y/n): ...Which one of your girl-friends took my sisters power... I promise I'll return the favor.

Watts: Hm, not likely.

He took some shots at you, as you saw Qrow and Entity holding their own... You dodged the first few shots, then sliced them mid-air with your katana.

Watts: Hmf... I suppose you do have some skill.

You rushed at him, and started slashing at him... You were able to get a few cuts in, but he was good at defense, and maneuvering... He kicked you back a few yards when you tried to swipe at his feet.

Watts: You know, it's almost a shame to have to kill you... So much potential... Such strength... You'd make a great ally if you were on the right side.

Entity and Qrow got backed up to where you were.

Entity: Qrow, you need to get out of here.

Qrow: And leave you and your friend here?! No way-

(y/n): Professor Ozpin he needs you back ASAP...

Qrow sighed as Watts and Hazel were walking closer.

Entity: We'll get out, just go!

Qrow nodded, turned into a crow, and flew off.

Entity: (y/n), grab my hand!

Watts took a few shots at you as you grabbed Entity's hand... You raised your katana that was in your other hand to slice the shots... But...


You missed.

(y/n): AHHHHH!!


Entity had just teleported you both back to his room.


Entity: That was close... (y/n)!

He saw you rolling on the ground, covering your face...

Entity: (y/n), what is it?!

You took your hands off your face, all while you were screaming.

(y/n): AHHHH!!!!!

Entity saw the horrifying sight...

Entity: (y/n)!... Y-your eyes!


Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you all enjoyed it! Like I said up top, this isn't the "real finale" simply a stopping point until I start it back up and update it to Volume 4 :D

Also, Entity is an OC created by TheBananaHutt  (in my opinion, a pretty cool one) the credit for that character is all for him!

Again, thank you all so much for reading, and I'll catch you on the next one! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:            
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Sorry for the few days of wait, but here is part 5! Enjoy! :D



You, Nora, Ren, Aqua, Scarlet, and Jak were at a regular restaurant in Vale as the broken moon touched the sky.

Scarlet: So then Aqua jumped behind (y/n), who was just wearing his swimming trunks!

(y/n): Hey! You didn't have to tell them THAT story.

Aqua: Yeah!... Besides, (y/n) and I have our own story about you two.

Scarlet: Wait, you do?

You and Aqua snickered.

(y/n): So there Aqua and I were, we were walking around the emerald forest for our first year field trip.

Scarlet and Jak blushed when they realized what story you were going to tell.

Aqua: (y/n) and I were looking around, because Jak and Scarlet weren't around for some reason.

(y/n): And when we were looking for them, we saw them behind a tree, making out!

Nora laughed.

Ren: That wasn't a very good hiding spot then I take it?

Jak: Nope.

The waiter then came by with the check.

Nora: OH OH OH! Can I get an order of pancakes to go?

The waiter looked a little surprised that she wanted pancakes to go... At 9 PM...

Regardless, he left with the check, and shortly came back with it, and an order of pancakes in a box.

Nora: Hehe! Thank you!

He handed the check to you, in which you pulled your wallet out, and paid for it... Your team then gave you their share of the meal, and the six of you walked out of the restaurant.

(y/n): That was some good food!

Nora: You bet! I wanna eat my pancakes now!

(y/n): You can wait till tomorrow morning.

Nora pouted... You simply chuckled, and pulled her in for a hug... Aqua and Ren were walking ahead holding hands... Jak and Scarlet were next to you.

Scarlet: You know... I think it's almost scary how well those two get along.

(y/n): I... Guess?

You four caught up to Ren and Aqua and made it to the transports, and made it back to Beacon Academy...

Scarlet: Well, that was fun!

Jak: Yeah.

You four looked as Ren and Aqua just kept walking and talking.

Nora: I don't think I've ever seen Ren talk so much.

(y/n): Yeah, I've never seen Aqua talk so much either.

Nora: Guess they fit like two peas in a pod.

(y/n): Guess so.

Scarlet and Jak ran up to Aqua and Ren... Which gave you a few moments alone with Nora... The two of you stood around, and looked around the lightly lit campus.

Nora: It really is a pretty night.

(y/n): Yeah...

You looked away from her... Nora noticed this.

Nora: What's wrong silly?

(y/n): ...It's nothing.

Nora: Come on, you can tell me.

She lightly punched your shoulder.

(y/n): I just...

You sighed.

(y/n): Nora... I need to ask a favor.

Nora: Sure! What is it?

(y/n): ...Would you help me with weight training?

Nora slowly had a HUGE grin on her face.

Nora: You... Want me... To train you?

(y/n): Well... You are the craziest girl I've ever met... You can lift weights like no one I've ever seen... You can eat just about as much as you lift... And... I'd also love to spend more time with you...

You looked away and started blushing.

Nora grabbed your shoulder.

Nora: Sure, I'd love to help! But... Just know, that I will not go easy on you just because I have a soft spot for you in the place I put my pancakes.

(y/n): ...Uh Nora... That's your stomach.

Nora: ...OH! Sorry, wrong one!

You both just laughed.

(y/n): Thank you Nora.

She lightly punched your shoulder again.

Nora: No problem! When do you wanna start?

(y/n): ...How does tomorrow sound?

Nora: Great!

Ren, Aqua, Scarlet, and Jak then walked over to the two of you.

Ren: Alright Nora, we should probably get back to our own dorm.

Nora: Aww... Ok Ren...

Nora kissed your cheek.

Nora: See ya bright an early tomorrow!

Ren: What are you talking about Nora?

Nora: (y/n) asked me to help him train!

Ren's eyes went wide... He looked at you.

Ren: You have made a grave mistake.

You chuckled.

(y/n): Only one way to find out.

Ren smiled... Then walked over to Aqua.

Ren: Aqua... I had a wonderful night tonight... Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Ren held Aqua's hand, and pulled it in as he gently kissed it... Aqua blushed madly.

Ren: Come on Nora, let's get to our room.

Nora smiled, and the two of them walked back to their dorm... Nora shouted back though as they were walking away.

Nora: Tomorrow, we start working towards thunder thighs!

(y/n): ...Oh boy...

Jak, Scarlet, and Aqua laguhed

(y/n): Hey, don't get mad at me when I get stronger than all of you.

They just shrugged, and the four of you went to your room, and went to your beds for some much needed rest... Because you knew that tomorrow... Was the start of a new path...



Ruby slashed her scythe at your feet, but you jumped and kicked her back, as Blake was running up to slash at you with her swords.  You blocked it with your one katana, and you two were locked in a sword fight...

You quickly lifted your leg, and kicked Blake in the stomach to knock her back, but Yang had her back, and punched you back a few feet.  You quickly recovered and you tried slashing Yang, but-

Goodwitch: Alright, that is good enough, time is up.

The lights went back on in the room, and you all looked at the screen of aura bars.









Goodwitch: Well, I must say, you have come a long way since the beginning of this year (y/n).

You sighed in relief... You looked up at all of the other first years... Nora was smiling so wide... You couldn't help but smile as well.

Goodwitch: Team RWBY, you were able to hold your ground for the 5 minute time minute, you might want to work on your synchronized attacks.

They all got up, and nodded.

Goodwitch: The rest of Mr. (l/n)'s team...  Aqua, your close combat skills have improved, but you could work on your stamina... Jak... You need to rely less on your weapon, and more on your instinct as a huntsman... Scarlet, you actually did alright.

You and Scarlet high fived, Jak and Aqua came up to both of you and smiled.


Goodwitch: Alright, class dismissed... (y/n)... Can you and your team wait for a moment.

All of the other first years left the training facility, and you and your team were standing and waiting for Goodwitch.

Goodwitch: ...The four of you came in as the worst team in Beacon... Period.

You looked at each other.

Goodwitch: But... It is clear that you have improved... Maybe not as a whole... But, (y/n), you have improved immensely!

(y/n): Thank you Professor.

Goodwitch: I think... If the rest of you can perform at (y/n)'s level... I might be able to throw you 4 back into your second year combat class.

Goodwitch expected to see four happy faces... Instead, the four of you just shrugged.

Goodwitch: What's wrong? I just gave you great news!

(y/n): Sorry Professor, but even if we earn our way back into that combat class, they're all just a bunch of dicks.

Goodwitch: Language!

(y/n): I'm just speaking the truth Professor.

Goodwitch: Well... Would you want to stay in this class?

(y/n): Well... If it comes down to personal preference, then yeah, I think the four of us can agree on that...

Goodwitch: Well... I can't force you back into that class... But if you start getting too strong for the students in this one, then I might have to.

(y/n): Alright... Thank you Professor.

The four of you left the training facility... When you got outside, you saw team RWBY and JNPR waiting for you.


Nora sprinted over to you, and hugged you... The rest of them walked over to you four.

Ren: That was a pretty intense fight.

Yang: You've gotten a lot stronger (y/n).

That's right... You had gotten A LOT stronger... That was thanks to your beautiful girlfriend, Nora... Since that first day after your date... She trained you  almost every day! You worked in the weight room in the morning and evening, and worked on stamina and speed in the afternoon... Of course, that was only on Saturdays, even Nora needs a break sometimes... During the school days, you only worked out in the evening, in which you rotated every day, weight room one day, running the next... And this went on for about 2 months, before you REALLY saw improvement in your speed and power... You were able to use your katana a lot more precisely, and put more power into your strikes... And up to now... You felt completely confident in your abilities...

(y/n): Thanks Yang.

Nora: I'm soooooooooo proud of you!

Nora hugged you again.

Aqua: I think the three of us need some of that Nora training.

Nora: OH YEAH!

Scarlet: Oh boy.

You just laughed.

Nora: Well, maybe we should-

Ozpin: Eh-em.

You all turned around, and saw Professor Ozpin standing behind you.

(y/n): Oh, hello Professor Ozpin.

Ozpin: Hello... (y/n), I'd like to have a word with you.

(y/n): Aright.

You left them, and they all went their separate ways to their different classes.

Ozpin: It seems you've become stronger, faster.

(y/n): Well, I couldn't have done it without Nora.

Ozpin: Ah, Miss Valkyire

(y/n): Yeah.

Ozpin: Are you two...?

(y/n): Yeah, we are.

He sipped his coffee.

Ozpin: Interesting.

(y/n): Why?

Ozpin: Oh, no reason, I do need you to come with me though.

(y/n): Why?

Ozpin: I'll explain once we get to my office.

You just shrugged, and followed Ozpin to his office...

When you got there, he sat at his desk, and you sat in the chair across from him.

Ozpin: So... How are your studies going?

(y/n): Uh... Fine I suppose.

He took another sip.

Ozpin: That's good to hear.

(y/n): Professor, why did you call me up here?

He sighed.

Ozpin: Do you... Want to go see your sister?

You looked away.

(y/n): I told you, I can't stand seeing her in that state... It just... Makes me feel uncomfortable.

Ozpin: Well... I'm sure she'd see you if you were in her position.

(y/n): I guess... What are you trying to get at?

Ozpin he took ANOTHER sip.

Ozpin: ...Just come with me.

Ozpin got up, and went into the elevator, and you got up and followed behind.

When you got in, he used a key, and unlocked a pad on the elevator, and he hit the bottom red button.

(y/n): I take it those are your secret rooms.

Ozpin: You could say that.

The elevator then went all the way down to that bottom floor, and the doors opened...

(y/n): It's a little more... Green than I remember.

You and Ozpin walked along the shiny floor... You saw a figure working on the machine from a distance, and you looked at Ozpin.

Ozpin: That is General Ironwood, he's the man who brought this piece of equipment to help save your sister.

The two of you got closer and closer, and he turned around.  He got upset when he saw you.

Ironwood: Oz... Why did you bring a kid down here?!

Ozpin: James, this is (y/n)... Amber's brother.

Ironwood: Oh.

He walked over to you, and shook your hand.

Ironwood: My condolences... I'm sorry, I also didn't know who you were.

(y/n): It's alright.

He then went back to the machine.

Ozpin: Is everything alright James?

Ironwood: Yeah, I'm just making sure that this thing keeps her alive for long enough.

(y/n): Long enough?

Ozpin sighed.

Ozpin: (y/n)... I don't know how to tell you this.

Goodwitch then came from the elevator, and walked over to the three of you.

Goodwitch: You're telling him?!

Ozpin: ...He deserves to know... Of all people.

She sighed as well.

(y/n): ...Know what?

Ozpin: ...We can't save your sister... Their is no way that we can revive her and she'll be the same...

(y/n): I don't get it.

Ozpin: ...We're keeping her alive long enough so that we can transfer her power into another person... A girl specifically.

(y/n): ...Because maidens can only be female.

Ozpin: Exactly-

(y/n): So she'll die after you've transferred her powers to someone else?

He looked at Goodwitch and Ironwood.

Ozpin: Well... When her power transfers, part of herself will as well.

You took a step back.

(y/n): You m-mean you're going to intertwine her life with another girls?!

Ozpin: ...It's the only way we can save the rest of her power-

(y/n): Who cares?! That's MY sister! She would NEVER want to intertwine her life to ruin someone else's!

Ozpin: I... Don't know your frustration (y/n)... But if we don't do this... Whoever attacked her will get the rest of Amber's power... And a maiden will be on the other side of the fight...

(y/n): ...I...

You looked away... You sat on the ground and looked down at it.

(y/n): ...And that's the only way?

Ironwood: We've tried different ways to wake her up, but none of them have worked.

You slowly started to cry.

(y/n): You know... Amber loved to wake up early in the morning, and she would go ride out to the edge of the forest, and come back with a whole bunch of fruit... She was everything to me...

Goodwitch grabbed your shoulder.

Goodwitch: This is why I don't think you should've told him... Look at him Oz... He's heartbroken...

You crying then erupted... Your sister was everything to you... Sure, you had been missing her since the "incident"... But at least you knew she was breathing... But now... She was going to be intertwined with another girl... And then her old body would die.

(y/n): H-h-how confident a-a-are you that it'll w-work?

Ironwood looked at Ozpin.

Ironwood: ...We're not sure it'll work at all... But it's our only option.

Your heart felt like it shattered into a million pieces... They weren't even 100% sure that it would work... Probably not even 50% sure... You slowly stopped crying, and stood back up...

(y/n): C-can I do anything?

Ozpin: ...Well... Yes... Telling you this wasn't the only reason I called you to my office.

You were a little confused.

Ozpin: We... Have a contact in the field... But he's gone dark for the past few weeks... And I'm not sure if he's... Alright...

(y/n): ....Alright.

Ozpin: ...Since you have grown so much in your abilities... I need to ask you to go on a mission...

(y/n): You want me to go find your contact?

Ozpin: Yes... If you can find him, and tell him to come back... We need him here.

(y/n): Alright, when do we leave?

Ironwood chuckled.

Ozpin: James, is something funny?

Ironwood: No, sorry Oz... It's just-

(y/n): Just what?

Ozpin sighed.

Ozpin: You'll be going solo on this mission...

(y/n): S-solo?!

Ozpin: We can't tell your team about this...  Therefore, you can't bring them along.

(y/n): You expect me to go out and go find one person, by myself?

Ozpin: Well... I'll be giving you a partner.

(y/n): A wha-

That's when your scroll rang... But... It wasn't yours... It was that second one you kept in your back pocket...


Alright! I hope you have all enjoyed this! This is kind of sudden, but the next part will be the finale of this (until I start it back up for volume 4)

So again, I hope you all have enjoyed this! And thank you for being patient, since I haven't posted a new part in a few days! :D
This is a slightly longer part, but I don't think you'll mind ;) ONTO THE READ! :D



You were walking out of your second year class with your team.

(y/n): Man, I just want to go to bed!

Scarlet: You said it!

Jak: I'm just happy that it's the weekend! We have the rest of today! Then Saturday and Sunday to relax!

You looked at the training facility though... You knew that you should go and workout since you promised Amber you'd get stronger... For her... You then felt a tap on the shoulder.

Aqua: (y/n), you alright?

(y/n): Huh? Y-yeah, I'm fine.

You all continued to walk back to the dorm.

Scarlet: So, you excited to see who's your secret admirer tonight?

(y/n): Eh, I can't imagine someone wanting to be with me.

Aqua: Well, you're nice.

Jak: And you can be funny at times.

Scarlet: But... You'll always be... FUNNY LOOKING! BWAHAHA

Scarlet started laughing her ass off, you proceeded to chase her around the campus, and Aqua and Jak just laughed... After about 10 minutes, you two were out of breath.

Scarlet: T-truce?

(y/n): ...Fine.

She laughed once more.

Scarlet: You gotta admit, that was funny.

(y/n): I will admit, it was a little funny.

You and Scarlet walked back over to Aqua and Jak.

Jak: You almost got caught.

Scarlet kissed Jak.

Scarlet: But I didn't, and that's what matters.

(y/n): Anyway... Once we get back to the room, I think I'm gonna change and head to the gym.

Aqua: W-why?

(y/n): I just need to get stronger... You guys should come too.

They rubbed their heads.

Scarlet: I'm beat! I just wanna nap.

Jak: No... Offense (y/n), but you are the weak link on the team.

Scarlet hit Jak.

Scarlet: Hey! Come on Jak!

(y/n): ...No... Jak's right...

Scarlet: No he isn't!

Scarlet grabbed your shoulder.

Scarlet: We're a team... We win as a team, and lose as a team...

You just shrugged your shoulders... The four of you got back to your dorm, without saying another word... You changed into your workout clothes, and left your dorm and team for the gym...



When you got to the gym, no one was in there, which was a relief... You quickly went over to the bench press, and put 135 lbs on the bar... Just then, the door opened.

Nora: Oh! Hey (y/n)!

(y/n): Oh, hey Nora.

Nora: Whatcha dooooing here all alone?

(y/n): I could be asking you the same thing.

Nora: ...Good point!

She skipped over to you, and dropped her workout bag next to the bench.

Nora: ANYWAY! Wanna spotter?

(y/n): Sure.

You got on the bench... You looked up and adjusted your hands on the bar... Right before you lifted, you look at Nora's face, staring down at you... You hadn't gotten a good look at her face...

(y/n)(thinking): Wow... Nora's cuter than I thought...

Nora: (y/n)?

(y/n): W-wha?

Nora: You gonna lift? Come on grandma!

(y/n): Hey, don't call me grandma.

Nora: Gramps?

(y/n): Eh.

You shrugged your shoulders.

(y/n): Better than grandma.

She chuckled at your sarcasm... You lifted the bar... Nora didn't bother counting thinking you already had a set plan... Instead... She tried to make small talk with you... Unfortunately for her... That would be a HUGE mistake... Or so she thought.

Nora: So... How was your day?

(y/n): 2... It was good... 3... What about you?

Nora: Oh, not too bad... You ready for tonight?

(y/n): 4... Ready for tonight?

Nora: You know, meeting me at the-

Nora then put her hands over her mouth.

Nora: Oh no...

(y/n): 5... -

You then were struggling with the bar... Nora was still caught up in the fact that she just about spilled the beans... She didn't even realize you choking on the bar.

(y/n): N-Nora!

Nora: (y/n)!

She lifted the bar quickly off your neck.

Nora: I'm so sorry, are you alright?!

You coughed a few times.

(y/n): I'm f-fine... Are you alright?

Nora: I'm...

She hung her head.

(y/n): And what were you talking about? Meeting me tonigh-... Wait... You're-

Nora interrupted you by softly pressing her lips onto yours... You were in a state of pure shock! You didn't see that coming!... You slowly sank into it, and pulled her closer to you... After a few minutes... The soft, tender kiss, was over.

Nora: ...I-I am your secret admirer...

You chuckled.

(y/n): You know... I think you're pretty cute too.

Nora's cheeks then turned the color of her hair, and she started poking her fingers together.

Nora: R-really?

(y/n): Yeah.

Nora smiled.

(y/n): But... We have only known each other for a few days... So... What made you like me?

She sat on the workout bench next to you.

Nora: ...You weren't like most guys... Back when I was a little girl... I... I was homeless... I didn't have anyone to look to, or anywhere to go... I got bullied on the streets all the time... Even if I was scraping for food to survive... Ren and his father one day saw these... These boys bullying me, and hurting me... Ren didn't do anything... But his father was able to scare them off by standing there...

(y/n): ...That's... Horrible.

Nora: Yeah... Well... After... After that, Ren and I became best friends... We've traveled around Remnant together, and now we're here... I... Haven't made another friend besides Ren until I got here... Ruby... Weiss and Blake... Even Yang!... But... When I saw you... How you laughed every time I did something, and you didn't make fun of me for eating all the pancakes I do... It... Made me feel warm inside... That someone wouldn't judge me for being me... Most guys think I'm disgusting...

(y/n): ...Nora...

Nora: ...So I guess I fell for you really quickly... I already felt bad after the first day and breaking your katana... But... Yesterday and this morning was all I needed to be convinced how I felt about you... Even in this little amount of time...

You held her hand... Your eyes locked.

(y/n): I... Maybe we should... Get to know each other a little more... I like you too Nora... But I want to get to know more...

Nora smiled, and kissed your chin.

Nora: Alright...-

2nd year classmate: Lookie what we have here! The dip-shit got a girlfriend!

You and Nora stood up... You slightly lowered your head to ignore him... But Nora wasn't having ANY of that.

Nora: Just leave us alone!

2nd year classmate: Oh, and what's a first year like you gonna do about it?

The 2nd year classmates team walked in.

Nora then picked up her workout bag, and picked up Magnhild from the bag (It's her hammer, and in grenade launcher form.) and turned it into hammer form.

Nora: Say one more thing about him, and you'll regret it!



Jak and Scarlet were cuddling when-


Aqua: W-w-what was t-that!?

Jak: I don't know, but that didn't sound good!

Scarlet: Let's go check it out!

The three of them left their dorm, and ran outside... A lot of people were gathered around the training facility.

Aqua: Did anyone see what happened?

Jak: I don't know, but that can't be good, (y/n) was in the weight room!

Ren: Hey, what's going on?

Jak, Aqua, and Scarlet turn to see team RWBY and JNPR standing next to them, minus Nora.

The three of them, along with dozens of other students were looking to see if anyone would walk out.

Goodwitch: What is going on?!

Student: Professor Goodwitch, it sounded like an explosion inside the training facility!

Professor Goodwitch, along with Professor Ozpin walked over to the facility... Right when they did, four 2nd year students were coughing, and covered in dust.

2nd year classmate: S-she's a freak!

The 4 of them ran off.

Ozpin: Who were they referring to?

Then, You and Nora walked out.

Nora: No one messes with my (y/n)! You hear?!

You were just laughing your ass off next to Nora.

Ozpin: Are you two alright?

(y/n): We're good Professor.

Goodwitch: What happened?!

Nora cracked her knuckles

Nora: Those 4 that ran off were bullying (y/n)... And I wasn't having any of it.

Ozpin looked at Goodwitch.

Ozpin: Well... Is the training facility...?

Nora: Oh! It's fine! The explosion was from me hitting them with my hammer, no equipment was damaged.

She said this with a smile on her face.

Ozpin: I see... While I don't feel upset when one student stands up for another... Please try to restrain yourself next time, alright Miss Valkyrie? I don't want to have students with broken bones... Legs specifically.

Nora sighed.

Nora: Yes Professor.

Ozpin smiled, took a sip of his coffee, and walked off, along with Professor Goodwitch...

The students then started to disperse back to their routine... Team RWBY, JNPR, and your team walked over to you.

Scarlet: You alright (y/n)?

(y/n): Hehe, yeah, I'm good.

Ren: ...What did you do Nora?

Nora: They were messing with (y/n)! I wasn't going to let them!

Aqua: Well, I'm happy you took care of them.

Nora: Yep!

Nora then kissed your cheek, and EVERYONE knew what was going on.

Scarlet: So it was Nora!

(y/n): Yeah, she kinda spilled it on accident.

Nora: Hehe.

Aqua: Way to go Nora.

Nora: Hey, I was excited to see him!


Aqua: So, what did you wanna talk about?

Nora: ...Well... I wanted to talk about... (y/n).

Aqua: (y/n)? What about him?

Nora: ...What kind of person is he?

Aqua: What do you mean?

Nora: I mean... He laughed at my eating, instead of insulting me... He seems like a really cool guy.

Aqua: (y/n) is... He's really chill, and we always have something to laugh about... He's really kind, and he's always there for us... Why do you ask?

Nora was twirling her fingers.

Nora: I uh... I think I like him.

Nora and Aqua sat on a bench out in the courtyard.

Aqua: Really?

Nora: Yeah... Kinda like you liking Ren!

Aqua blushed.

Aqua: H-how do you know that!?

Nora: Oh please, I can spot it from a mile away.

Aqua: O-oh, I see...

Nora: Don't worry, Ren feels the same way about you.

Aqua was surprised.

Aqua: R-r-really?! He d-does!?

Nora: Yeah, it's obvious.

Aqua: Really?

Nora: Yeah! Let's go find him now!

Aqua: N-no I'm good-

Nora proceeded to grab Aqua's arm, and run around to find Ren...


Nora: SOOOOOO... (y/n), I was wondering... W-would you wanna go to Vale and get... Dinner tonight?

You smiled.

(y/n): Sure Nora... That sounds nice.

You two hugged.

Scarlet: Aw, you two are cute.

You smiled... Nora then walked over to her team.

Nora: REEEEEEEEEEN! Isn't there something you want to say to Aqua?

Ren: Nora!

Ren and Aqua blushed.

Ren: I uh...

Ren walked towards Aqua.

Scarlet: Oh boy, twice in one day.

Ren grabbed Aqua's hand.

Ren: ...I would like the opportunity to be your boyfriend... I asked for permission from (y/n), and was told it was not needed... So I would-

Aqua interrupted Ren by kissing him on the lips... Everyone was a little surprised about it.

Ruby: Ew, gross!

Yang: Oh come on Ruby.

Weiss: It's only like the 4th day of school, and you're all getting into relationships already?

Nora winked at you.

Nora: When ya know... You know.

She smiled at you... You smiled back.

Nora: Right... Now that everything is squared away, Ren and I need to get ready.

Ren: Wait, what am I getting ready for?

Nora: A double date silly!

Ren: Wait, double date?

Nora: With (y/n) and I of course!

Scarlet: Make it triple! (not make it double, no Team Rocket references here XD)

Scarlet put her arm around Jak's

Nora: Huh... So a triple date?! ALRIGHT!

(y/n): Alright, let's all go get ready.

You left with your team, and team RWBY and JNPR left as well... You were all getting ready in your room... You put on a nice, (f/c) button up shirt, and a nice pair of jeans... You turned to see Aqua wearing a light blue spring-like dress, Jak wearing a black blazer with a white shirt, and blue jeans, and Scarlet wearing a black and red spring-like dress.

(y/n): You guys ready?

Jak: Oh yeah.

Aqua: I-I'm a little n-nervous.

You grabbed Aqua's shoulder.

(y/n): It'll be fine, we'll all be here with you.

Scarlet: Difference is, Jak and I have been together and already know each other... You both met your dates like 3 days ago.

(y/n): That just means we'll have more fun.

Scarlet stuck her tongue out at you... Aqua and Scarlet left the dorm, you and Jak followed behind... He stopped you right as you were about to leave.

Jak: I'm... Sorry about what I said earlier... No hard feelings?

You two fist bump.

(y/n): No hard feelings.

You two smiled, and followed behind Aqua and Scarlet...


The four of you were waiting out by the courtyard as the sunset was just hitting your faces... You hear Nora call your name, and the four of you turned around.

You saw Ren, he was wearing his school uniform.

Ren: I... I don't have anything else nice to wear... I'm sorry that my clothes cannot match your beauty.

Aqua blushed... You all realized how sweet Ren could be.

Aqua: It's alright... I-I like it when you wear that uniform... Y-you look handsome...

Ren smiled.

You then looked at Nora... My, was she ever so beautiful! She had on a pink shirt, with white-lined patterns on it with laces on the front.  She also had on a white skirt (she's wearing what's in the cover photo)

You couldn't keep your eyes off of her... She... Was the most beautiful girl you had EVER seen.

Nora: (y/n)?

(y/n): ...OH! I'm s-sorry... You just look amazing Nora.

Nora: Thanks! You look pretty handsome yourself.

You two smiled, and you connected your hands.

Jak: Well, they stop the transports by 10 since it's a weekend, so we might have some time to walk around the city.

(y/n): If I'm being honest, I'm gonna want to go to bed after this.

Scarlet: Ditto.

The rest of them shrugged, and got on the transports, and headed to the city...


???: Hazel.

Hazel: Yes, my lady.

Salem: Cinder is busy getting ready to infiltrate Beacon, and will have her hands full.

Hazel: Of course.

Salem: ...

Salem calls for Watts.

Watts: You wish to speak with me, my lady?

Salem: Yes... Cinder will have her hands full once she infiltrates Beacon.

Watts sighed.

Watts: I'll be surprised if she pulls it off.

Salem: Now now Watts, have a little faith in young Cinder...

Watts: ...What is it you desire?

Salem: ...The fall maiden... Amber, was it?

Watts: Yes.

Salem: She... Has a brother.

Watts: And?

Salem: I would like you... To eliminate him...

Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 4!
I don't own this photo.


Or you :D 
Team B.A.S.H.   (My OC team!) 

Team B.A.S.H. is a unification team between the 4 kingdoms… Each one selects a student with good social skills, and unmatched fighting capabilities… B.A.S.H stands for the first initial of the academy names… Beacon… Atlas… Shade… Haven… And has nothing to do with the names of the team members. 


Name: Clover Ironwood (Adopted).

School: Beacon Academy.

Faunus: Yes, Tiger Faunus.  Trait: Retractable claws. 

Age: 19.

Weapons: Circular shield and James’s second revolver. 

Semblance: Like Yang's (expect boosts speed instead of strength when hit). 

Parents: James Ironwood.


Name: Violet Thorn. 

School: Atlas Military Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Compact bow that turns into a sword.

Semblance: Invisibility (For short time, drains aura).

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thorn (Friends with the Schnees’).


Name: Blaze Wood.

School: Shade Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Gauntlets (Like Yang and Mercury) 

Semblance: Breathes Fire. 

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wood. 


Name: Shadow Fall.

Faunus: No.

School: Haven Academy.

Age: 20.

Weapons:  Dust whip and Pistol.

Semblance: Super Strength. 

Parents:  None (Sister, Cinder Fall).

Simple, who's next? 

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