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Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 4
Sorry for making you all wait! But here is part 4! :D
Officer: Now I'm gonna ask you one more time kid... Who was your accomplice, and where did she go?!
(y/n): I told you I don't know!... And if I did know... I still wouldn't tell you!
Officer: That's it!
The Officer, along with another started beating the shit out of you... And that was the routine for some time...
Officer: Here's your slop.
You looked at the tray of slop you were given through the gate.
Officer #2: Better eat it slow... You only get that slop once a day.
The two officers laughed as they walked away...
Mercury: Emerald?
Emerald: Wha?!
Emerald jumped up from the bed.
Mercury: Haha, looks like I scared you.
He smiled with joy.  Emerald however wanted to punch him.
Emerald: Leave me alone Mercury.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 38 59
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 3
ONTO THE READ! :D  (this is a little longer of a part :D)
Asher: Helloo kiddies!
Emerald: Asher?!
4 other guys came from behind Asher... They were all at least 6 feet tall, and pretty buff.
Asher: Oh, it isn't just me sweetheart~
Emerald: Call me that again, and I'll throw up.
Asher: Ah, little Em...
Emerald: What do you want Asher?
Asher: ...Revenge~
He snapped his fingers, and his 4 goons walked closer to you.
Asher: You four take the kid... Little Em and I have a dance to finish.
Emerald cracked her knuckles.
Emerald: Hardly.
Emerald looked back at you.
Emerald: You gonna be alright?
(y/n): You want me to be honest?
Emerald: No.
(y/n): Fine.
You stood there, wanting to pick up the revolvers at your feet... But-
Asher: There they go! After them!
Asher ran up the the stairs, and his goons followed behind... All while you and Emerald were standing there... You were confused as hell.
(y/n): .
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 41 65
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 2
I'm so so sorry this is as late as it is, I thank you all so much for being patient with me! :D
I'm thrilled you all enjoyed part 1! :D   *Just to verify, this is PRE Cinder*
Enjoy part 2! :D
(y/n): Really?
Emerald: Well... You did save my butt last night... So yeah, I don't mind.
(y/n): Thanks Em.
Emerald: Ok ok, we aren't best buddies yet, just stick to Emerald.
(y/n): O-ok.
You walked up the stairs, but Emerald was still standing at the bottom.
(y/n): What?
Emerald: I was just wondering what your weapon was.
(y/n): My weapon?
Emerald: Yeah, that you used to stab Asher.
(y/n): Oh... Well...
You came back down the stairs and walked to the same mill you pull the knife from.
(y/n): I just grabbed one of these little knives...
Emerald: Oh.
(y/n): Why? What did you expect?
Emerald: Uh, a more useful looking weapon than that.
You put the knife back and went bac
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 53 77
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 1
Hello everyone! This is the start of my Emerald insert! :D
I hope you all enjoy! :D
(y/n): Excuse me sir, you're clock stopped working.
The jewelry shop owner turned around to see that his clock had indeed stopped working.
Owner: Thank you young man.
He turned around, got up on a stool, and fixed it.  When he fixed it, he got down, and came back to the counter.
Owner: Have you decided on something?
(y/n): Hmm... No, most of this is too expensive for me... Sorry to waste your time.
Owner: Not at all... Have a good day young man.
(y/n): You too.
You left the shop, and turned the corner into an ally... You looked around to make sure no one was looking.
(y/n): ...Heh, he won't be missing this watch anytime soon...
You put it in your backpack, and came out from the ally... You looked around the beautiful city of Mistral... You were an orp
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 81 94
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Finale!
Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you've all enjoyed it! :D
No more delays! :D    (kinda long just fyi)
You let it happen for a few seconds, and then you pulled back.
(y/n): W-what was that for?!
Penny: I told you, I saw two other people doing it, and I wanted to try it with Ruby, but I couldn't find her, and that's when I found you.
You looked away... You didn't want Penny to see the blush on your face.
(y/n): Penny... Do you know what a kiss is?
Penny: What's a kiss?
(y/n): ...What you just did... To me...
Penny: That's called a kiss? Well do you know what it means?
(y/n): Yeah...
Penny: What does it mean?
(y/n): ...It's something you do to someone... If you like them...
Penny: ...Well I like you (y/n).
(y/n): No, Penny... I mean romantically like.
Penny: ...Yep! I still like you (y/n)!
You blushed even harder, not realizing Penny knew what you
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 53 93
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 5.5! The Dance!
I really wanted to give this it's own little part because... Well... Because ;)
ANYWAY, The reason this is "Part 5.5" is simply because it's shorter than my usual chapter length, so because of making this half chapter, I will probably end this series (for the time being) at the next part. :D
Anyway, sit back and enjoy!
It was a few days after your attack... You hadn't even left the ship because you just needed some time to recover... However, tonight they had some dance going on... The General mumbled at you about it to go... But you were afraid you might have an attack in front of all of the people there... Would they laugh? Would they not care? You didn't know... And you didn't want to go...
As the afternoon before the dance went on, you were loafing around your room, when you hear a knock.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 53 77
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 5
Sorry for the little delay, but here is part 5! :D
Just a fair warning, I might be finishing this series with 6 parts total, which would mean the next episode is the finale... I haven't decided yet, but that's just to let you guys know :D
Anyway, let's get to it! :D
You woke up the next morning feeling well rested... You got up, changed out of your pajamas, and went to go see the General, since your job here after all was to keep an eye on Penny and if she has any more problems with her weapons, figure out what they are.
*knock knock*
Ironwood: Come in.
You slowly opened the door.
Ironwood: (y/n), you look well rested...
(y/n): Thanks... So, what's my job today?
Ironwood simply chuckled.
Ironwood: You've done your job (y/n)... As long as no more further problems occur to Penny's gear, you're basically on vacation at this point.
(y/n): Oh.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 55 73
Amber x Male reader! True love never dies.
Hello everyone! :D
This is my 600 watcher special! I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given me...
7 months ago... I wouldn't have imagined that I would've made it this far... And now I feel so blessed to have all of you supporting and reading my work...
Words can't really describe how I truly feel about all of you... You are all so amazing! :D :D :D
Alright! Now that my eyes are done sweating... Let's get on with it! :D
ONTO THE READ! :D     (this is kinda long FYI)
(BTW, this is taking place 1 year before team RWBY and friends come to Beacon)
(y/n): Wha?
You looked at your scroll from your bed.
*8:50 AM*
(y/n): Shit shit shit!
You jump out of your bed, and realize the rest of your team isn't there.
(y/n): Figures the dickheads would leave me here to miss the big day! They must've turned my alarm c
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 80 118
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 4
Hey guys!
I'm really really sorry for the delay on this part, I will do my best to get back to my old schedule!
I hope you all enjoy part 4 and thank you all so much for being patient with me :D :D :D
That was it... You had enough...
You had been holding off on your departure from here because you wanted to know the truth... Now... You know...
The reason Penny is the way she is... Is because the General transferred what was left of Ivy... Into Penny... Almost like Ivy was being reborn... Only it wasn't fully Ivy...
That still didn't sit well with you...
You got up from the seat you were in, and left the facility...
You made it back to your room quickly, tears streaming down your cheeks.
You sat on your bed and cried... You cried for the girl that you once loved... She was still in there... But she wasn't her... Penny might h
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 61 81
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 3
I hope everyone is enjoying this series!
I would like to point out someone...
Andrex231 has been a watcher, avid commenter for some time on my page, and he's been completely honest with his comments... I'm pointing him out specifically because he is part of my inspiration for this Penny series... He was the one that suggested the idea that Penny having a soul, semblance, and aura were to the fact that Atlas tried to cram someone else's soul into Penny (like what Ozpin was going to do with Pyrrha and Amber)
So, that idea is all his, and I'm thankful to him for letting me use it in my series... :D
???: ...Friends?
You... Thought you... Was that?!
You rapidly turned around to see if it was Ivy-... But it wasn't...
(y/n): ...Oh... It's just you-
Penny: Salutations! My name is-
(y/n): Penny, yeah yeah, I know.
You got out of the bed, and started walking toward
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 64 84
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 2
I'm so so so sorry guys! I've been really sick, on top of being busy... But thank you all for patiently waiting, and here is part 2!
So I hope everyone enjoyed part 1! ONTO THE READ! :D
(Has a little more profanity than usual... You have been warned)
(y/n): ...What's a Penny?
Ironwood: ...I'll have to debrief you if you want to be a part of it, but I need a yes or no.
You thought for a moment...
(y/n): ...Yes sir, I would be happy to be a part of it.
Ironwood: Alright, follow me.
You followed the General out of the cold room, looking back one more time at Ivy...
You then got on the elevator, and went to the General's office...
Ironwood: ...Alright... Penny is a robot.
(y/n): Ok?
Ironwood: ...We have most of her done, but we need to add the final touches.
(y/n): Her?
Ironwood sat at his desk.
Ironwood: Yes... Her... Long story short, we are attempting to make the first robot to seem human.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 70 99
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 1
Hello all! This is the start of my Penny story! Thank you all for being patient with me :D
(WARNING! This part is a little bit on the violent side, just to give you a heads up)
I won't delay any longer, ONTO THE READ! :D
You were an 18 year old finishing your first year at Atlas Military Academy... You and your team... Were among the best of the first years... You were from Mistral, but you wanted to be apart of something bigger than yourself, which is why you joined Atlas instead of Haven Academy... Your parents weren't too happy that you left home to join Atlas of all schools, but that's where you wanted to be... While at Atlas, you got really good at tinkering with weapons and other gadgets... Everything seemed to be great!... Until... That horrible day... That changed everything...
"(y/n)", my leg!
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 79 112
Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Finale!
Hello all! Thank you all for reading! This is the finale for this story until I start updating my older stories to Volume 4, then I will update this one as well... So this isn't the "real" finale, just the end for now ;)
Anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed this! ONTO THE READ!
You pulled your second scroll out of your back pocket... Goodwitch and Ironwood looked confused... But not Ozpin.
Ozpin: You don't have to answer that at the moment, I'll let him know you were "unavailable"
(y/n): ...You know who this is?
Ozpin sipped his coffee.
Ozpin: Yes... A former student here, but we've kept in touch.
(y/n): I'm gonna assume he's my "partner"
Ozpin: Yes, I think it will take the both of you to make sure the contact is ok.
You just looked at the capsule... Then walked past the General, and walked up to it... You placed your hand on the glass, and shed a tear.
(y/n): ...
Ozpin: We'll give you a
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 69 112
Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 5!
Sorry for the few days of wait, but here is part 5! Enjoy! :D
You, Nora, Ren, Aqua, Scarlet, and Jak were at a regular restaurant in Vale as the broken moon touched the sky.
Scarlet: So then Aqua jumped behind (y/n), who was just wearing his swimming trunks!
(y/n): Hey! You didn't have to tell them THAT story.
Aqua: Yeah!... Besides, (y/n) and I have our own story about you two.
Scarlet: Wait, you do?
You and Aqua snickered.
(y/n): So there Aqua and I were, we were walking around the emerald forest for our first year field trip.
Scarlet and Jak blushed when they realized what story you were going to tell.
Aqua: (y/n) and I were looking around, because Jak and Scarlet weren't around for some reason.
(y/n): And when we were looking for them, we saw them behind a tree, making out!
Nora laughed.
Ren: That wasn't a very good hiding spot then I take it?
Jak: Nope.
The waiter then
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 65 85
Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 4!
This is a slightly longer part, but I don't think you'll mind ;) ONTO THE READ! :D
You were walking out of your second year class with your team.
(y/n): Man, I just want to go to bed!
Scarlet: You said it!
Jak: I'm just happy that it's the weekend! We have the rest of today! Then Saturday and Sunday to relax!
You looked at the training facility though... You knew that you should go and workout since you promised Amber you'd get stronger... For her... You then felt a tap on the shoulder.
Aqua: (y/n), you alright?
(y/n): Huh? Y-yeah, I'm fine.
You all continued to walk back to the dorm.
Scarlet: So, you excited to see who's your secret admirer tonight?
(y/n): Eh, I can't imagine someone wanting to be with me.
Aqua: Well, you're nice.
Jak: And you can be funny at times.
Scarlet: But... You'll always be... FUNNY LOOKING! BWAHAHA
Scarlet started laughing her ass off, you proceeded to chase h
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 71 78
Nora x Male reader! Secret Admirer! Part 3!
Goodwitch: ...WHAT?!
Ozpin: You heard him right Glynda.
Goodwitch: B-but, how?!
(y/n): Oh, I love the words of encouragement.
You said in a very snarky, sarcastic tone.
Goodwitch: ... So... Amber is your older sister?
(y/n): Yeah.
Goodwitch: And you had just finished your first year here before she was attacked.
(y/n): Yeah.
Goodwitch: Did you go to Signal?
(y/n): No-
Ozpin: Amber asked me if she could train him until he was old enough to attend Beacon.
Goodwitch looked back at you.
Goodwitch: Well she didn't do that great of a job-
(y/n): My sister trained her ASS off every day for you people!
Goodwitch was startled by your outrage, but you had enough of Professor Goodwitch's criticism.
(y/n): My sister asked Professor Ozpin to train me because she didn't trust anyone else to... She had to train me AND she had to keep herself in combat shape, on top of doing her best to stay hidden from the world!
Goodwitch: ...But she's
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 80 89


Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.1
You sat your desk during the final minutes of your class, Ms. Rossweiss was a great teacher and you enjoyed her classes. Kouh Academy would be a much better school if all its teachers were as well-mannered and enthusiastic with their students like her.  
“All right everyone, I have the results of last week’s test! Since it’s already the end of the day, you can leave as soon as you get your test back. If you have any questions, please wait until I have passed them all back.” Her cheerful voice canceled any of the whining that normally bust out when a teacher announced they had finished grading the classes test.
The students who knew they did badly couldn’t even complain about her as she truly did go above and beyond to help all of you as much as she could. She held extra classes after school and passed out as many handouts as she could for anyone who needed the help. If someone did fail it was their own fault and not hers’.
“Good job (Y/n)!
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 53 29
Cold as Hell Part 4 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hello all! Erza back! Part 4 here! Before we start I just want to say this chapter will explain why Weiss is out of character as some of you have pointed out. Anyways without further ado let’s get into the read!
(Y/n)= Your name
(L/n)= Last name
The age of his reckoning was uncounted. The scribes carved his name deep in the tablets of Hell across eons, and each battle etched terror in the hearts of the demons. They knew he would come, as he always had, as he always will, to feast on the blood of the wicked. For he alone could draw strength from his fallen foes, and ever his power grew, swift and unrelenting.
*No one’s POV*
(Y/n) walked out of the room of team RWBY.
Team RWBY is sitting on their beds, doing their own thing before Yang looks over at Weiss.
Yang: So Weiss?
Weiss turns her head and looks at Yang.
Yang: What’s going on between
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 25 20
Star Wars by muratgul Star Wars :iconmuratgul:muratgul 1,889 119
Cold as Hell Part 3 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hello everyone! I want to apologize for keeping you guys waiting but I needed my kid to get back on the graduation list. He’s back on thankfully and life returns to normal! Anyways, here is part 3 of Cold as Hell! Hope you guys enjoy!
(Y/n)= Your name
(L/n)= Last name
(f/c)= favorite color
(f/l)= favorite logo
And in his conquest against the blackened souls of the doomed, his prowess was shown. In his crusade, the seraphim bestowed upon him terrible power and speed, and with his might he crushed the obsidian pillars of the Blood Temples. He set forth without pity upon the beasts of the nine circles. Unbreakable, incorruptible, unyielding, the Doom Slayer sought to end the dominion of the dark realm.
*Your POV*
A fist with a glowing green orb of energy hits me in the chest for the….
I already lost count…
It sends me flying back onto the sa
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 29 17
Force Sensitive. Ashoka Tano X Male reader 5
Another instalment of Force Sensitive
Hope you Enjoy
A week after telling the Jedi council about how you were their worst enemy’s son, your master, Yoda, called upon you to meet with him. You threw open the covers of your bed momentarily forgetting that you slept with Ahsoka in the same bed. Your actions caused her to wake up in surprise. She sat up yawning as she rubbed her eyes. Her wounded head tail had almost fully healed since Grievous had burned it with his saber when the two of you went to get Intel. She saw you hurriedly putting on pants and giggled to herself before leaning on one of her arms and smiling at you.
“What are you in a rush for?” she asked, you looked surprised at her as you had forgotten she was there before you resumed getting dressed.
“Huh? Oh sorry Ahsoka but Yoda called for me,” you say as you put
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 19 5
Force Sensitive. Ashoka Tano X Male Reader 4
Hey watchers i'm back with a new Force Sensitive story.
i'm sorry for spending so much time on the Harem story and i know that most of you guys probably didn't enjoy it that much.
but now i'm back and at the end of this chapter i'm gonna tell you what i hopefully plan on doing next.
hope you enjoy and don't cheat and skip to the bottom.
- Booper
Standing before the Jedi council you could feel their collective power; Yoda had called a meeting to see what was on the memory drive that you stole from Dooku. Yoda put in the drive and made his way back to his chair. When the drive fully loaded a man in a dark hood that obscured his face appeared.
“Dooku, you have been my apprentice for years now and have served me well” the voice rasped “For that I will confide in you a secret that no one else may know.” It continued, the other Jedi leaned forward to see what secrets the dark lord would spill
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 19 8
Mature content
Broken :iconjak-zer0:Jak-Zer0 1 0
Mature content
Frisky Kitty :icontheevilomen:TheEvilOmen 35 18
Cold as Hell Part 2 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hellooooo! I wanna start by saying thank you all for your amazing support! It really means a lot! Because of how popular it is, I’ve decided to continue this series. Once I get caught up with my female reader x Coco series, I’ll start writing the two on different days. As for Swat, the majority said Swat should be a girl, which was my first thought so Swat is a girl now! Anyways, without further ado, part 2!
(Y/n)= Your name
Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remained steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before.
*Your POV*
Bang! Another beowolf down!
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 41 31
Cold as Hell Part 1 Weiss x Male! Reader
Hello everyone! This is my first male reader fanfic! I know I still have my Coco x Reader fanfic to finish. But I'm just writing this one to hopefully get rid of the writers block I have on that. But for this fanfic I'm doing a crossover between RWBY and DOOM but it's mainly RWBY. I'll explain in the backstory. The lucky lady is Weiss Schnee!  For now, sit back, relax and enjoy!
(Y/n)= Your name
(C/n)= Character name
You're just now arriving to Beacon. You're a first year. You've always wanted to come here as a child and now it was happening. Your childhood was normal except for the fact that you never knew your father. Your mother is a…. Demon Faunus! She's the only one of her kind as far as anyone knows. As such you inherited her Demonic features. Mainly your (f/c), piercing, reptilian-like eyes, and the fact you were always warm, even on the coldest days. Because of this, you were always popular with the girls
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 61 58
Force Sensitive. Ahsoka Tano X Male Reader 3.
Who is ready for more Star Wars?????
As training continued for you it started to get harder and harder, but today Yoda told you that you were going on a mission with Anakin and Ahsoka. You were extremely excited about being on a mission with your girlfriend but you were also nervous about Anakin. The mission was that the Sith lord Count Dooku had been spotted coming and going from Planet Geonosis. You and the other two were tasked to find out why and if possible apprehend the count.
Your ship had just gotten out of hyperspace and began to float in space just outside the atmosphere of Geonosis, you took a transport ship with ten troopers while Anakin and Ahsoka took an identical one with another ten troopers including captain Rex. When you touched down on the dusty ground you waved your hand and used the force to cover your eyes from the flying sand.
“Right reports say that the counts last location was two clicks North of here, we can’t
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 25 12
Coco Adel x Reader - Arrows and Shells Part 3
Hello all! Part 3 is here! And this will feature some action finally! :D Anyways let’s continue from the last part! Allons-y!
You stared dead ahead at the giant scorpion grimm in front of you. The many red eyes seemed to pierce your soul as the tail would.
(Y/n): Great… knew it was a bad thing when that plant twitched…
You looked behind and saw some trees and a cliff at the end of it.
(Y/n): I could either lead it off the edge, or fall off myself… Let’s take the risk for the day.
You ran with the deathstalker close behind. You used your power to load a black arrow and turned around and released the arrow. Unfortunately, the arrow wasn’t able to hit a weak spot on the deathstalkers armor.
(Y/n): Of all the times to have horrible aim!
You quickly dodged a swing from the scorpion's pincers and backflipped over another attack. As y
:iconmommaerza:MommaErza 6 7
Force Sensitive. Ashoka Tano X Male Reader 2.
It has been a week since (Y/N) was accepted into the Jedi order, over that time Yoda had him get acquainted with Anakin and Ahsoka as well as Obi-Wan. Yoda had also focused his training for (Y/N) more on the side of the force than how to use a light saber. This didn’t bother (Y/N) though as he snuck out of his room at night to practice with his gauntlet saber, as well as target practice with the gauntlet’s DT-12 form. He himself didn’t know it but multiple pairs of eyes were watching his practice sessions that he held by himself at night nor did he realize that he was such a good shot having only missed a few since he started, his saber training was coming along steadily but he wasn’t happy with that, he wanted to be stronger to be better… That was his flaw.
Right now Yoda had (Y/N) meditating in one of the many rooms at the temple, (Y/N) sat cross-legged and eyes closed as he focused.
“Feel what do you?” asked Yoda
“I feel the power of t
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 26 16
Force Sensitive. Ahsoka Tano X Male Reader
Hey my dudes i wanted to do an Ahsoka story since the idea's been in my head for a while and i thought that since NubsTheCaterpie is doing an Ahsoka story now might be a good time to do mine. hope you enjoy
Growing up on the darker, unfriendly side of Courscant was enough to turn anyone into a darker person, (Y/N) Frey was no acceptation, having grown up around other hardened criminals he too found himself amidst their ranks. But unlike other criminals the criminals (Y/N) found himself dealing with were made up of ranks and guilds where the masters ran everything like businesses offering apprenticeship to promising students. (Y/N) was found living off of the streets trying to feed his younger sister who was only 7 by stealing from others and grabbing whatever he could, (Y/N) himself was only 10 when Neal Dasker, the Guild Master for the Thief’s Guild only bare
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 32 16
Mature content
The Mobster and The Knight :iconfionalina:FionaLina 2 3
Neon Sound Ch. 1 (Neon Katt x Faunus!MaleReader)
Faunus are often seen as a minority throughout most of Remnant, save for Menagerie. Despite this, however, many Faunus are able to make a name for themselves. Plenty of Faunus have become Huntsmen or Huntresses that people look up to and others, having seen both sides of the Faunus story, make rather successful politicians. You, on the other hand, have made a name for yourself in a different way. You were sitting in your room, the hustle and bustle of downtown Patch passing by your window as you surfed the web on your laptop. The house-wide stereo system was playing a song from your upcoming album as you answered today’s chunk of fan mail.
(A/N): Startin' out Smooth
Even though you were only 18 you had made a name for yourself as Beowulf, one of the youngest DJs in Vale. It started out mostly online and as you grew in popularity you were asked to play in a few clubs around Vale, after that your dad brought some of your tracks to an old
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 58 19




Your story's are the best!!! :)
Wed May 24, 2017, 3:55 PM
Wed May 24, 2017, 3:55 PM
Been reading your stories since your Pyrrha story, keep it up yo!!
Tue May 23, 2017, 3:59 AM
you might inspire me to write a good story.
Tue May 9, 2017, 12:52 PM
Sun Apr 23, 2017, 4:49 PM
And thanks so much! :D :D :D
Wed Mar 8, 2017, 12:59 PM
:D Go for it! When I play in my Leafgreen, I name my Caterpies Nubs jr XD
Wed Mar 8, 2017, 12:59 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA CATCH A CATERPIE IN POKEMON FIRERED JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed Mar 8, 2017, 12:38 PM



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Just call me Nubs...

Not sure what else to put here... BUT!

IF you play Pokemon... And you get a Caterpie...

You better name it Nubs... XD


Ok! my Core membership is only gonna last 5 more days, so this will probably be my last poll (for now) ... So Sinnoh girl seemed to win over Hoenn girl... So who's it gonna be?
75 deviants said Cynthia
63 deviants said Dawn.
14 deviants said Or... Mars? (Yes, Mars from team Galactic)
10 deviants said Lyra (only because she showed up in the series)
4 deviants said Maylene
Sorry for making you all wait! But here is part 4! :D









Officer: Now I'm gonna ask you one more time kid... Who was your accomplice, and where did she go?!

(y/n): I told you I don't know!... And if I did know... I still wouldn't tell you!

Officer: That's it!

The Officer, along with another started beating the shit out of you... And that was the routine for some time...




Officer: Here's your slop.

You looked at the tray of slop you were given through the gate.

Officer #2: Better eat it slow... You only get that slop once a day.

The two officers laughed as they walked away...








Mercury: Emerald?

Emerald: Wha?!

Emerald jumped up from the bed.

Mercury: Haha, looks like I scared you.

He smiled with joy.  Emerald however wanted to punch him.

Emerald: Leave me alone Mercury.

Mercury: Sorry, just making some fun, no need to be all grumpy.

Mercury left the room, and went to Cinder's room.

Emerald: ...4 years ago today... He told me to run... (y/n)...



Officer: Alright, you're a free man.

You glared at the officer.

(y/n): 4 years seems a little short... It was really only 3 if you count that first year of torture.

You stood up from your cell... You were in your orange jumpsuit.

Officer: Well, you were 1, a kid. And 2, the same man who turned you in was actually the one who stole some of those things.

(y/n): Oh, so you went back 4 years and looked at the statement I gave you, telling you that Asher was a leader of some gang? Guess you finally got some brain cells.

Officer: ...Not just a gang.

(y/n): What do you mean?

Officer: ... He's just unified 2 of the biggest gangs in Mistral.

(y/n): You can't be serious? Asher? He's nothing but a weasel.

Officer: I know... His own gang, the Dust Busters... And he just made a deal with the leader of the Gem Jackals... They're now one unified gang...

(y/n): ...And why are you telling me this?

Warden: Because you're going to help us.

The Warden came around the corner.

Officer: Warden! Sir!

He saluted him.

Warden: You were the last ones to encounter Asher before he went off the grid...

(y/n): Off the grid?

Warden: He hasn't stolen a single thing since he brought you in... He's planning something... And I want to know what...

(y/n): So you're letting me out?

Warden: For exchange of taking this gang down... Yes.

(y/n): First off... You want 1... 1 Person! To take out an entire gang...

The Warden looked away.

(y/n): Haha! You really didn't think this through, did ya Warden?

You noticed the Officer was in a relaxed stance, and the Warden looking away.

(y/n)(thinking): If I wanna get out of here without taking their deal... It's now or never...

(y/n): Officer! Over there!

The Officer and Warden turned around, and gave you an opening.

Officer: Wha-

You pulled the gun from his holster, and jumped over him.

Officer: Hey!

Warden: You little-

You then kicked the Warden and Officer into the cell you were just in, and closed the gate behind you.

(y/n): Now I hope you two can ration that food... You only get it once a day.

You laughed as you ran away from your cell, with the officer's gun in your hands.

The Officer's on patrol saw this, and sounded the alarm.

(y/n): Oh joy...

You ran out of sight, and into a hallway... Unfortunately, camera's were all over the place... You ran down the hall, and turned the corner... Only to reveal several officers standing at the end, with guns pointing in your direction.

Officer #3: You have no where to run! Surrender and drop the gun! Or we will shoot!

You were about to give up... Looks like you'd have to try another day... Or-

You looked a little to your right, on the wall... You see the fire alarm... And a panel next to it, with wires around it.

(y/n): Huh... Alright...

You tell them you would surrender to catch them off guard... To be just a half second faster than them... You lift your hands up... But right as you do, you shoot the fire alarm, causing an insanely loud alarm to go off.  The bullet ricocheted off the alarm and into the panel of wires, and the lights go dead.

Officer #4: Shit!

They start firing in the direction they last saw you in... But no one was there.

Officer #5: I think he ran down the hall, let's go!

The Officers ran down the hall... Leaving no one at the front gate.



(y/n): That actually worked.

You were against the wall... But you had taken your jumpsuit off, so that you could make your skin completely black to blend in with the darkness. When the officers were gone, you pulled your jumpsuit out from behind you, and put it back on... You then walked through the front gate, and you could see the front door.

(y/n): I'm so close-

But the power came back on, and you had to find a place to hide in the big front office.

You saw the bathroom, and ran into it.

INTERCOM: Emergency power has been activated to the north wing! The prisoner is somewhere in the north wing! Seal off the front gate!

You heard that as you dashed into the bathroom... And Thankfully no one was in there... And this was one of the only places that didn't have a camera. Also, with the emergency power just now being activated, the camera's were shut down when the power was off... They had no idea where you were...

(y/n): Well, it's now or never... I can't go back now-

Just then, the door opens, and you quickly run into a stall.

Officer #6: That you Clay?

You didn't respond for a second... You tried to lower your voice... Hoping it sounded like this "Clay" person.

(y/n): U-uh y-yeah.

Officer #6: You alright? Your voice sounds a little deep.

(y/n): U-uh y-yeah, came down with something.  I think from one of the prisoners from my last shift.

Officer #6: Yeah, those prisoners are crawling with disease and smell like garbage.

You then heard the stall door open next to you.

Officer #6: I hope those officers in the north wing catch that kid, that's just crazy what he's trying to do.

(y/n): Y-yeah...

You had to think fast... You knew you couldn't hide in there forever...


You then got an idea.

You tossed your gun under the stall, towards his.

(y/n): Sorry, looks like I dropped my gun... You mind getting it for me?

Officer #6: Sure thing.

He slid it back under, but you saw his hand for a split second, and grabbed it!

Officer #6: What the-

You dragged him under the stall and into yours, and punched him in the face.

Officer #6: Hey-

You quickly grabbed his taser on his belt, and used it on him.

He shook for a few seconds, and slowly fell to the floor, out like a light.

(y/n): Well, sorry Officer, but I'm gonna need that uniform.




You slid on his shirt... Thankfully, he was around your size... You used your Faunus trait to match his skin tone, and to match his face so you weren't suspected... You couldn't completely match his face though, so you used his hat to cover your face the best you could... You quickly propped him on the toilet so no one would suspect... You quickly got out of the stall, and walked out of the bathroom.

You looked around to see Officers in a panic. You weren't sure how long you'd have to pretend to be this Officer, but you-

Officer #7: Officer Willow!

You slowly turned around, realizing he was talking to you... You took a deep breath, trying to remember what that officer sounded like... You double checked to make sure the hat was covering your eyes a little.

(y/n): Y-yes?

Officer #7: See, look how tired you are, I told you should go home after that 36 hour shift.

(y/n): R-right.

Officer #7: Well, would you finally listen to me if I told you to go home and get some rest?

(y/n): B-but what about the escaped prisoner?

You then see more officers coming from other wings to go to the north wing.

Officer #7: I think we have enough to find him... You just go get some rest.

(y/n): ...A-alright.

You nodded to each other, and you walked out the front door.


You looked at the night sky of the city... How long had it been since you had been outside that damn prison... You walked down the street, and towards the middle of the city... You quickly sat at a bench, and looked around, trying to figure out what to do next.

(y/n): Time to get some regular clothes.

You got up, and walked towards the nearest store.

(y/n): Open from 7 am to 9 pm?

You realized the store owner was just locking up his shop.

(y/n): Excuse me sir.

The owner turned around and looked at you.

Owner: Yes, what can I do for you officer?

(y/n): I was wondering if I could look around your store for a moment, I know it's after your hours, but I just would like to look at some clothes really quick.  I'm getting ready to go on my vacation with my family, but I've been at work for some time.

Owner: ...I suppose it's alright.

(y/n): Thank you.

He opened his doors back up, and lights on.  You looked around rather quickly, and picked some new jeans, a nice pair of shoes, underwear and socks, a (f/c) t-shirt, and nice jacket.

You went to the counter, and he rang up the clothes... He gave you your total, and you reached into the back pocket of the pants, and pulled out the wallet from the officer.  It had more than enough money in it, and you gave it all to the owner.

(y/n): Keep the change... You have a good night.

Owner: Thank you very much officer!

You nodded, and left the shop.




You walked down the street, going to the place you had hoped was still safe.



Sure enough, that dust factory was still standing... You walked towards it, and saw that it probably hadn't been touched since that night you ran away with Emerald...


Not a day went by when you didn't think about her... What she was doing... Where she was... If she... If she ever thought about you...

You walked through the front door, and saw that a lot of things were burned, or just covered in dust... Either way, you then took the officers uniform off, and changed into the clothes you just bought.

(y/n): Ah... This is much more comfortable.

You looked around... Seeing if you could scavenge anything from around the abandoned factory... You looked around some more, and saw the dust all over your old mattress.

(y/n): Well... I guess I'll crash here for the night.

You wiped off the dust, and went right to sleep...


You woke up a little later than you thought.  You looked outside, and saw that you were back where you had started... 4 years ago... You had a change of heart... Sure, you'd steal if you had to... But you knew if you wanted to live out your life... You'd do it by the rules... That being said, you still had to find a way to get out of Mistral... And by now, they've probably realized you escaped, so you needed to move. You took the holster and pistol from the pile with the officers things, and put them on the side of your pants, since it wasn't uncommon for a "huntsman" to have a weapon...

You walked out of the factory, and went down a wooded path... In fact... The same path you and Emerald once took... 4 years ago...


You had been walking the entire day... You remembered the entire path like you had just walked it yesterday... As the sun was setting however, things got... Interesting.

You saw smoke on the distance.

(y/n): Is that... That town!

You started running, the smell of the smoke getting thicker as you kept going.



When you got to the edge of the town, you saw that everything was burning to a crisp... All you did was stand and watch as people were running and grabbing what they could... You then saw a group of guys who looked like it was their doing... You hid in some bushes.


After a few minutes, they took the fires out, and you heard a bunch of guys celebrating.

???: Alright! Let's got see our find!

The guys cheered, and ran towards the middle of the town... You waited for the guys to leave, and you snuck into the town... You turned the corner on one of the buildings, and saw a huge bonfire, and a bunch of people tied up... And one man... That you had hoped to have never seen again...

Asher: Well well well... What do we have here?

You saw two groups of guys behind Asher... You then realized that those were the two unified gangs.

Asher: So... Let's do this like it's school, shall we?

You snuck closer to get a better view of who he was talking to.

You saw that it was about 15-20 normal citizens, and 4 people tied up in front of them. Then, Asher and his goons were on the other side of the fire.

Asher: Alright, let's start with you, sweetie~

The girl moved her chin when Asher got closer.

Asher: Tell me... And I might not kill an innocent bystander...  

Asher pointed a gun at one of the captured citizens. The girl sighed.

Everest: My name is Everest Oak.        (granddaughter of Professor Oak XDDDDDDDDDD)

Asher: Such a sweet name for a sweet girl-

???: Leave her alone!

Asher looked at the boy on the end.

Asher: Oh, you'll have to wait your turn~... Next?

Marsh: My name is Marsh Brown.

Asher: Thank you darling~... Next?

He walked over to a young man.

Mantis: My name is Mantis Leaf.

Asher: Hm, a name with meaning...

He then walked over to the boy who interrupted him the first time.

Asher: And now the rude one on the right.


No response.

Asher then pointed his gun at Everest.

Asher:Tell me, or she dies!~

The boy took a deep breath.

Jay: Jay Blues... Leader of team JEMM.

Asher: See? Was that so hard?

Jay: ... Now who are you?

Asher laughed.

Asher: Who am I?

Jay: We told you who we are... Now we should know who you are.

Asher laughed some more... He got close to the young man called Jay.

Asher: My dear boy... We are... The Grimm Reapers...


Hope you all enjoyed part 4! :D

I'm going to do my best to get these out sooner! :D
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 4
I don't own RWBY or this photo (Rooster Teeth) 
I'm really sorry guys, I had a crazy week. I will be working on part 4 throughout the day, and hope to be done by today, but if not, then tomorrow. Thank you guys for being patient with me! :D
It's narrowed down to two! :D
105 deviants said Sinnoh girl
84 deviants said Hoenn girl
Alright! So it seems my 700 watcher special will be Pokemon! :D (finally, about damn time XD) Anyway, I'm going to categorize the options into the regions, so think of the girl you want it to be, and pick the region she was first introduced :D
77 deviants said Hoenn/Sinnoh girl
36 deviants said Alola girl
35 deviants said Unova/Kalos girl
29 deviants said Kanto/Johto girl
Team B.A.S.H.   (My OC team!) 

Team B.A.S.H. is a unification team between the 4 kingdoms… Each one selects a student with good social skills, and unmatched fighting capabilities… B.A.S.H stands for the first initial of the academy names… Beacon… Atlas… Shade… Haven… And has nothing to do with the names of the team members. 


Name: Clover Ironwood (Adopted).

School: Beacon Academy.

Faunus: Yes, Tiger Faunus.  Trait: Retractable claws. 

Age: 19.

Weapons: Circular shield and James’s second revolver. 

Semblance: Like Yang's (expect boosts speed instead of strength when hit). 

Parents: James Ironwood.


Name: Violet Thorn. 

School: Atlas Military Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Compact bow that turns into a sword.

Semblance: Invisibility (For short time, drains aura).

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thorn (Friends with the Schnees’).


Name: Blaze Wood.

School: Shade Academy.

Faunus: No.

Age: 19.

Weapons: Gauntlets (Like Yang and Mercury) 

Semblance: Breathes Fire. 

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wood. 


Name: Shadow Fall.

Faunus: No.

School: Haven Academy.

Age: 20.

Weapons:  Dust whip and Pistol.

Semblance: Super Strength. 

Parents:  None (Sister, Cinder Fall).

Ok! my Core membership is only gonna last 5 more days, so this will probably be my last poll (for now) ... So Sinnoh girl seemed to win over Hoenn girl... So who's it gonna be? 

75 deviants said Cynthia
63 deviants said Dawn.
14 deviants said Or... Mars? (Yes, Mars from team Galactic)
10 deviants said Lyra (only because she showed up in the series)
4 deviants said Maylene


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